Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Allergies, shoes, NBI clearance and boredom

My allergies are attacking! I have red spots on my skin, and rashes on my elbows. :( It's probably because I've been eating a lot of chicken the past few weeks. That's why now I'm trying to start a cleansing diet. No chicken, no chocolates, no cheese, no ice cream and other products made from cow's milk. Lotsa water and black tea. I'll try to stick to this cleansing diet for a month or so. Sigh...

Hon scratched his new shoes this afternoon. And he was super saddened by it, because we just bought the shoes last Saturday. :( Poor baby. Cheer up sweetheart!

I'm disappointed because I wasn't able to buy the multi-colored sandals I wanted from Janilyn. I just saw them last Friday. When I went back on Monday to buy it, guess what, they were sold out! :( Bad trip! I wanted the sandals so bad because they looked exactly like the ones from Shoe Salon. And they only cost 1,100. Aaarrrgggh!!! Lesson learned: if you find something you really, really like, and you have the money, then go ahead and BUY IT! My mom told me: "wala ng pakeme-keme pa."

Why in heaven's name do I have to submit an NBI clearance to Dream? I'm just their VO, not a regular employee. It doesn't make any sense. Wave didn't require one, my other VO jobs never asked for one. Hmm... what to do?

I'm having the usual boredom pangs. My daily routine is already putting me to sleep. I think I want to do something new. Like start going to the gym or something. Or get a new haircut. Or maybe go out and see some people. Maybe I should start playing badminton with my besty again.

Bored and waiting for Saturday. Can't wait for the week to end. No work, no worries, just me and the people I love.

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