Friday, September 17, 2004

Updates on the Golden Dove

Before I start, let me just inform the readers that I wrote this, knowing that everyone's entitled to his/her own opinion. And freedom of speech rules in this country. And this is MY blog so I can say whatever I want to.

Okay, I start by saying that the 13th KBP Golden Dove Awards was a flop. It didn't go as smoothly as I thought it would, knowing that Sir Joe managed the whole thing. I feel sorry for him, and for the Wave people who worked with him on this event. Because I was one of them, we worked our asses for this goddamn event. And it was very disappointing to watch it become a flop right in front of your eyes.

The teleprompter was placed at the far end of the theater, so most of the people on stage couldn't read it well. So you can just imagine how awkward they looked, and how badly they damaged my script. Korina Sanchez refused to host because she couldn't read the prompter. So the hosts that were left were not able to carry the show. Worst hosting I have ever seen in my entire life as a broadcaster! You'd think that if someone was surrounded by people who host for a living, and prestigious names in the industry, that someone would really give his best to save his face and NOT look stupid. But I guess there are people who are not capable of that. How very disappointing. Why didn't the KBP choose better hosts for the event? I don't know the answer. But I do know that one of the reasons why the show was terrible is because the hosts simply COULD NOT host well.

They should've chosen the presenters as well. Some of them were horrifyingly TERRIBLE! One girl was even trying to sound smart by doing adlibs. But her adlibs were so OFF, and her partner was so deadma. It was so painful watching them on stage. That night, I totally admired Joey and Myles of Magic 89.9. They were great! And Dylan Thomas of WROCK was AMAZING! He should've hosted the event. Together with Myles. They were the only presenters who delivered my script the way I wanted to. The others kasi during the last part of the show didn't read the script anymore because of the teleprompter that was just too far from the stage. Sigh...depressing.

I was thinking Camille Pratts and Nikki Valdez wouldn't be able to read the script well. But they did just fine. Iya was the one who was ABSOLUTELY BAD! I don't even know why they asked her to present an award. I think next time, it's important for the KBP to screen their presenters, if they really want to have a good, respectable-looking awards night. The presenter's being a DJ or an actor shouldn't be enough for them to be complacent that they will do well on stage. I think what happened last Wednesday is proof enough. And I hope the KBP organizers will keep in mind that a GOOD AND CAPABLE host is important. No matter how much technical errors occur, a GOOD AND CAPABLE host will be able to hide that.

I know my script had its flaws, too. And I'm not as good as the REAL scriptwriters in the industry. But it was judged more than satisfactory by my superiors. And it's not the script that brings life to the people on stage. It's the other way around. Unfortunately, many of the people who went on stage that night were not able to do that.

It's disappointing and depressing. And I feel unappreciated. An incompetent colleague has taken the limelight from me. I would've been happy for the person, proud even, if I know the person is capable and worthy enough of that privilege that was given. The privilege was wasted, and I believe the audience, everyone who watched that night at the Star Theater, can attest to that. The TV coverage will be clean, all the awkward and really bad parts will be edited out for sure. But those who were there will always remember how terrible the show was, and how bad the hosts and some of the presenters were.

Right now I feel like taking a long leave. I'm done with being the "masipag" one, volunteering to help out and giving my all just to make my superiors happy. I guess that's why people don't "volunteer" to do work anymore. Because those who willingly give often end up disappointed and empty-handed. It's not healthy to be bitter, but that's what the world has turned me into.

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