Thursday, September 9, 2004

Favorite people on earth!

Rye, my ex-partner, is one of the names on my most-missed-people list. I miss seeing this guy every morning, joking around, getting pissed off when he's late, talking about the people we hate over coffee. The show was super fun when he was around. Some people hated it. Some loved it. We didn't care. We just had fun, and that's it. Miss this guy!

Mareng Ida is Jada of the Evening Jive. Fellow Thomasian. She's super fun to be with. I co-hosted with her on Wave Wedding Blends on Wed TV. And I can't wait for the next shoot. That would mean bonding for the whole day! :) We both super hate the same bitchy rotten apple. And it's so fun laughing and having coffee with this gal.

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