Saturday, February 26, 2005


Very much excited about our upcoming event. I helped work on this project, together with James (our Acct. Exec), Garry (Program Dir.), Jun DJ (Events Mgr.) and Rye (ex-partner, rapper extraordinaire).

WAVE 89.1 and NIKE are calling all the ladies! This time's our shine!


Get 4 of your homegirls, and show us what y'all can do when it comes to street dancing! Get down and move to a hip-hop beat. It's all good.

10 gran of Nike stuff for each girl who makes it on top.

If you want in, give us a holler. 634-WAVE, look for Jun DJ.

It's all happening at The Basement, Eastwood, Libis, on March 12, 11pm.

This is the HOTTEST hip-hop dance showdown of the year!


I've always believed in this saying: things happen for a reason.

We're done dubbing DAU. Now, we've started dubbing a new telenovela, Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay, which stars Lorna Tolentino, Bea Alonzo, Rica Peralejo, etc. I auditioned for a lot of roles - Lorna, Rica, Bea, Bing Loyzaga, Jean Garcia, Snooky Serna. And my voice was chosen for Snooky's role. Unfortunately, Snooky has a really LOUSY role. She appeared on episode 1, and died in episode 1. So there goes my career. I've been given other support roles - like Lorna's fellow inmate, and Rica's friend. But my heart's not in it anymore because these roles don't require much acting. I miss dubbing for DAU, where I had the lead role, playing Vina Morales. Vina had to cry, be angry, frustrated, in pain, happy, sad, in-love, confused... it was challenging, it was wonderful! Now, I'm doing support roles that are just plain blah.

And I'm trying to tell myself that yes, things happen for a reason. Maybe God has something bigger in store for me in the near future. I may not see or understand His reason now, but in time, I'll know why. Sometimes this thought keeps me going. Sometimes it doesn't. When things don't go the way you planned or wanted, it's hard to look ahead and believe that something brighter is coming. But I know that God is a kind God, good all the time. I know He will give me something better.

Today, mom and I are going to Kia Commonwealth. There's one Picanto unit open. White, manual transmission. I hope I get it. Cross your fingers for me please. I really want to have my own car now. Again, I keep in mind - things happen for a reason. If this is meant for me, then God will make it happen.

I miss my Dad. He's the one who has strong convincing powers. I know if he's here right now, he can convince the general manager to give the car to me. Dinadaan sa sindak. :) But he's in the States. I hope Mom can muster a tough, firm look on her face. Wish us luck.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


They say a woman's instinct is strong and, most of the time, right. How can you tell if you can really sense something, or if you're just being paranoid? Instinct or unreasonable doubt? How does a woman know?

Car Crazy!

Went to Kia Pasay the other day. Called up Kia Commonwealth and Kia Quezon Ave. They all gave me the same answers. The Picanto units will be arriving in APRIL! Bummer! I want to have my own car NOW! I don't want to drive Alvin's car anymore. It's like having this constant pressure and fear of being scratched or hit everytime I'm driving. I can't believe I have to wait another month! It's frustrating, irritating and just makes me MAD!

If only I had more money, I'd just get myself a Honda Jazz. But 700++ thousand for an automatic? Way beyond my budget. Too bad. I am left with no other choice but to wait.

Too old to be cheesy, but what the heck!

My dad left for the US two days ago. He's staying for a 3-week-long vacation, to visit my Lolo in El Paso. I kept my weekend raket-free so I could spend time with Dad and my folks. We went shopping Saturday and Sunday for some stuff he'll be needing on his trip, some new luggage and clothes. After my boardwork yesterday, Hon and I went to Watsons to buy some necessities for Dad - pain reliever, LBM meds, betadine, white flower oil, sugar-free lozenges, a pack of Equal, and some toiletries. Then in the afternoon, the whole family trekked to the airport to see him off. We were doing some silly crying antics while we were walking towards the entrance. I wrapped my arms around my dad's neck and said "Dad, wag ka na umalis! Please!" My whole family looked really funny, and everyone was staring at us, most of them amused.

Dad made it safely to LA, then Phoenix. He's already with his sisters and the whole clan there, ready to drive to El Paso. I know he's just on vacation, but I miss him already. I'm not used to being away from my Dad for a long time. Actually, my whole family is not used to being "incomplete" for a long time. The ties that bind us together are stronger than anything else in the universe. Or at least that's how I feel. Maybe Adie and Anthony (sis and bro) aren't so clingy and touchy about it, but in my case, I am attached like glue to my parents. I even cried in the car after we left the airport. And to think my Dad's just going to be away for three weeks. I miss him already. I miss him every minute. Thank God for roaming services. I've been texting my Dad since Monday, asking if he' okay, if he' not feeling airsick, if his stomach is feeling okay now. Sigh. One of the few reasons why I' not married yet. I can't stand being away from either Dad or Mom.

VDay Escapade

VDay was lots of R&R. Hon and I spent the night somewhere private. We chose this place so we could have a variety of things to do, like videoke. But there were too many guests at the videoke, so we ended up staying in our room during our entire stay. We only went out to eat. :) We didn't even use the swimming pool! We just stayed in bed, sleeping, reading - Vin with a Dan Brown book, me with a Cosmo, watching TV, munching on Cheetos and sunflower seeds and simply enjoying each other. It was heaven! It's always wonderful waking up in the arms of the one you love. :)

The next day, after my recording at Road Runner, we went to Eastwood to have dinner and watch The Phantom of the Opera. The flick was so-so. There was nothing else to watch though. I was supposed to get some chocolate bars for my pals at work, but I wasn't able to stop by the grocery before I went on leave. So I scrapped my VDay presents plan. I'll just get Mareng Ida the cookbook I'm planning to give her some other time, probably before the month of love ends. :)

How was your VDay? Hope it was good, and filled with love!

Friday, February 11, 2005

I'm back!

Finally I found time to get back into blogging. Missed this! The week's been super busy for me.

Monday & Tuesday, I did some recordings at Roadrunner. Diane gave me a new project, instructional CDs for japanese english-learners. Recordings were scheduled for 7 hours each day. It was tiring, but I'm not complaining. I embrace rakets with open arms. :)

Wednesday, I did voice-over for the Rustan's Gateway launch. Two shows in one day. So I got a pretty big talent fee. Then Jenny of Eat Bulaga texted me. Recording for one of their segments. So after Gateway I rushed to Katipunan at 930pm. The script wasn't there yet, so they asked me to come back the next day.

Thursday, after recording for Eat Bulaga, I met up with Mareng Ida at Shangri-La for a working lunch. We're making new concepts for PLDT Vibe. I actually took a leave from work that day, and yet I was still working. :) But it was fun, especially when you're working with a friend. We came up with a couple of ideas, and after presenting everything to Sir Joe, PLDT decided to have a radio show instead of a campus tour or concerts. And Sir Joe will be giving the show to me and Ida, to be called The VIBE, kasi daw "vibes" kami. :) We're still creating a concept paper for PLDT. Hopefully it'll push through.

Friday, I'm supposed to host Duets of Love with Thor and Rebekah at The Megastrip. But...I have LBM! :( Bad trip! So I asked Ida na lang to host, then I'll take care of her 6-9pm show. At least here I'm just a couple of steps away from the toilet. My stomach's been at it since Wednesday. Terrible! I hope I'll be better by tomorrow because I'm hosting Wave's Valentine event at Aruba, Metrowalk. If you guys aren't busy, do join us!

with Erik Mana
and music from Noah and Trip.
Saturday, Feb12, 8pm, at Aruba Bar, MetroWalk, Ortigas.

All about music...

I've been tagged by my besty

Random 10:
1. Love Signals – R. Kelly
2. Let’s Stay Together - Lemar
3. You Gotta Be – Des’ree
4. You Are The Universe – Brand New Heavies
5. Tonight – Mariah Carey feat. Nelly & Jazze Pharell
6. Karma – Alicia Keys
7. Diary – Alicia Keys
8. Waiting in Vain – Annie Lennox

9. Love Moves In Mysterious Ways – Julia Fordham
10. Never – Keyshia Cole feat. Eve

1. What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
17.6 GB

2. The last CD you bought is: (there are 3)
hmm… I don’t really buy CDs because when you’re in radio, you can always burn the songs in your playlist. :) I bought Jimmy Bondoc’s album couple of months ago to give away as a prize for one of my show’s contests.

3. What is the last song you listened to before this message:

Moonlight Over Paris because that’s the last song I played when I wrapped up my show this morning.

4. Write down five songs you listen to a lot or mean a lot to you:
1. The Way You Look Tonight (from that old Bennett guy) – my beau sang this to me, while slow-dancing under the moonlight
2. You Were There (Regine Velasquez) – reminds me of the guy I used to be crazy about back in college. I remember the boy, but I don’t remember the feeling anymore… :)
3. One Friend – the besty song
4. No Easy Way (James Ingram) – never fails to make me cry.

5. Love Moves In Mysterious Ways – my beau’s song to me.

5. Who are you gonna pass this stick to?(3 persons and why)
franz, claudine, pazette – they’re the only people in my hop spot list. :)