Wednesday, February 23, 2005

VDay Escapade

VDay was lots of R&R. Hon and I spent the night somewhere private. We chose this place so we could have a variety of things to do, like videoke. But there were too many guests at the videoke, so we ended up staying in our room during our entire stay. We only went out to eat. :) We didn't even use the swimming pool! We just stayed in bed, sleeping, reading - Vin with a Dan Brown book, me with a Cosmo, watching TV, munching on Cheetos and sunflower seeds and simply enjoying each other. It was heaven! It's always wonderful waking up in the arms of the one you love. :)

The next day, after my recording at Road Runner, we went to Eastwood to have dinner and watch The Phantom of the Opera. The flick was so-so. There was nothing else to watch though. I was supposed to get some chocolate bars for my pals at work, but I wasn't able to stop by the grocery before I went on leave. So I scrapped my VDay presents plan. I'll just get Mareng Ida the cookbook I'm planning to give her some other time, probably before the month of love ends. :)

How was your VDay? Hope it was good, and filled with love!

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