Saturday, February 26, 2005


I've always believed in this saying: things happen for a reason.

We're done dubbing DAU. Now, we've started dubbing a new telenovela, Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay, which stars Lorna Tolentino, Bea Alonzo, Rica Peralejo, etc. I auditioned for a lot of roles - Lorna, Rica, Bea, Bing Loyzaga, Jean Garcia, Snooky Serna. And my voice was chosen for Snooky's role. Unfortunately, Snooky has a really LOUSY role. She appeared on episode 1, and died in episode 1. So there goes my career. I've been given other support roles - like Lorna's fellow inmate, and Rica's friend. But my heart's not in it anymore because these roles don't require much acting. I miss dubbing for DAU, where I had the lead role, playing Vina Morales. Vina had to cry, be angry, frustrated, in pain, happy, sad, in-love, confused... it was challenging, it was wonderful! Now, I'm doing support roles that are just plain blah.

And I'm trying to tell myself that yes, things happen for a reason. Maybe God has something bigger in store for me in the near future. I may not see or understand His reason now, but in time, I'll know why. Sometimes this thought keeps me going. Sometimes it doesn't. When things don't go the way you planned or wanted, it's hard to look ahead and believe that something brighter is coming. But I know that God is a kind God, good all the time. I know He will give me something better.

Today, mom and I are going to Kia Commonwealth. There's one Picanto unit open. White, manual transmission. I hope I get it. Cross your fingers for me please. I really want to have my own car now. Again, I keep in mind - things happen for a reason. If this is meant for me, then God will make it happen.

I miss my Dad. He's the one who has strong convincing powers. I know if he's here right now, he can convince the general manager to give the car to me. Dinadaan sa sindak. :) But he's in the States. I hope Mom can muster a tough, firm look on her face. Wish us luck.

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