Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Too old to be cheesy, but what the heck!

My dad left for the US two days ago. He's staying for a 3-week-long vacation, to visit my Lolo in El Paso. I kept my weekend raket-free so I could spend time with Dad and my folks. We went shopping Saturday and Sunday for some stuff he'll be needing on his trip, some new luggage and clothes. After my boardwork yesterday, Hon and I went to Watsons to buy some necessities for Dad - pain reliever, LBM meds, betadine, white flower oil, sugar-free lozenges, a pack of Equal, and some toiletries. Then in the afternoon, the whole family trekked to the airport to see him off. We were doing some silly crying antics while we were walking towards the entrance. I wrapped my arms around my dad's neck and said "Dad, wag ka na umalis! Please!" My whole family looked really funny, and everyone was staring at us, most of them amused.

Dad made it safely to LA, then Phoenix. He's already with his sisters and the whole clan there, ready to drive to El Paso. I know he's just on vacation, but I miss him already. I'm not used to being away from my Dad for a long time. Actually, my whole family is not used to being "incomplete" for a long time. The ties that bind us together are stronger than anything else in the universe. Or at least that's how I feel. Maybe Adie and Anthony (sis and bro) aren't so clingy and touchy about it, but in my case, I am attached like glue to my parents. I even cried in the car after we left the airport. And to think my Dad's just going to be away for three weeks. I miss him already. I miss him every minute. Thank God for roaming services. I've been texting my Dad since Monday, asking if he' okay, if he' not feeling airsick, if his stomach is feeling okay now. Sigh. One of the few reasons why I' not married yet. I can't stand being away from either Dad or Mom.

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