Friday, February 11, 2005

I'm back!

Finally I found time to get back into blogging. Missed this! The week's been super busy for me.

Monday & Tuesday, I did some recordings at Roadrunner. Diane gave me a new project, instructional CDs for japanese english-learners. Recordings were scheduled for 7 hours each day. It was tiring, but I'm not complaining. I embrace rakets with open arms. :)

Wednesday, I did voice-over for the Rustan's Gateway launch. Two shows in one day. So I got a pretty big talent fee. Then Jenny of Eat Bulaga texted me. Recording for one of their segments. So after Gateway I rushed to Katipunan at 930pm. The script wasn't there yet, so they asked me to come back the next day.

Thursday, after recording for Eat Bulaga, I met up with Mareng Ida at Shangri-La for a working lunch. We're making new concepts for PLDT Vibe. I actually took a leave from work that day, and yet I was still working. :) But it was fun, especially when you're working with a friend. We came up with a couple of ideas, and after presenting everything to Sir Joe, PLDT decided to have a radio show instead of a campus tour or concerts. And Sir Joe will be giving the show to me and Ida, to be called The VIBE, kasi daw "vibes" kami. :) We're still creating a concept paper for PLDT. Hopefully it'll push through.

Friday, I'm supposed to host Duets of Love with Thor and Rebekah at The Megastrip. But...I have LBM! :( Bad trip! So I asked Ida na lang to host, then I'll take care of her 6-9pm show. At least here I'm just a couple of steps away from the toilet. My stomach's been at it since Wednesday. Terrible! I hope I'll be better by tomorrow because I'm hosting Wave's Valentine event at Aruba, Metrowalk. If you guys aren't busy, do join us!

with Erik Mana
and music from Noah and Trip.
Saturday, Feb12, 8pm, at Aruba Bar, MetroWalk, Ortigas.

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