Thursday, December 22, 2005

No more good monkey...

king kong
Yes, I cried when King Kong died. I've seen the Peter Jackson remake twice, and I love it! I didn't mind sitting through the 3hr and 15min flick. Others found it dragging. But for me, it was interesting, amazing and entertaining. And so goddamn SAD when King Kong died. I already know how the story goes. But seeing how adorable he was, and how he treated Ann with so much care, I just couldn't take watching the ending.

I watched it with my family the other day, during mom's birthday. I was giggling quietly with my sister, Andrea, when King Kong appeared on screen. We were whispering, "Aaww... monkey." :)


Mom celebrated her 51st birthday on December 20. We spent the night with Chinese food, popcorn, fruit shakes and a good movie. Happy birthday ma! Love you lots!


I was wrapping up my boardwork a while ago, and suddenly, it just hit me. Oh my god! It's Christmas already this weekend! And I haven't started my gift shopping yet! What have I been doing for the past few weeks? Then, I remembered. I was too busy taking care of our Christmas Party Presentation. :( Now I have to cram. And I'm starting immediately after I finish this entry.


Speaking of the presentation, WE WON! :) Funny, I remembered praying to God since last week - "Lord, please make us win 1st place." And I got what I asked for. Wave 89.1 bagged 1st place, with 20 gran. And the champs were the people from Jam. When I was saying my thank you prayer last night, I said, "Lord thanks for making us win. Kahit 1st place lang..." Then I laughed. Shit. That was exactly what I asked for. Remind me to go for gold next time. :)


ipod 2
It's Christmas already! I'm still deciding on it, but I think I wanna get me an IPOD mini and an ITrip. I have to shell out about 16K.

Or audio set up for me car?

Hmmm... decisions, decisions.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Back to blogging after taking a break for quite a while. Been too busy to sit still. Now, finally, I found time to write about what happened to me the past few weeks.


Hosted the grand finals of the Skechers Streetdance Battle last Dec. 3 at the World Trade Center. My partner Rye and I hosted with Nikki Gil and Gab Valenciano. The event went quite well. Exhausting for the hosts. But it was okay. UP Diliman bagged the 100K. Well deserved. They were amazing! No pictures...hehehe. Sorry. :) I only have pictures of me and my honey, testing our new Nokias! :)
skechers 2


secreto secreto 2
After telling myself that Secreto de Amor will be my last project with this studio I work in as voice talent, I auditioned for a new telenovela with them again. It's going to be an English version of Ruby. I was assured there would be no more rewrites. They already have a writer who will be in charge of that. (Thank God!) I was chosen to play Maribel, the crippled best friend. Hopefully the project will be approved by the client. As long as there's no more "homework" I wouldn't mind this new show to dub. :)


Robi (Akafellas) and I hosted the AXN Kung Fu Hustle Movie Premiere Launch over the weekend at Robinson's Place Manila. It was such a fun event. The crown was masa. Which was better actually. They were more responsive than the sosi passersby. And majority of the participants in the games were masa. They made the event successful and so much fun. And since Robi doesn't talk much tagalog, I gladly did most of that. It's seldom that we get hostings in non-upscale places. That's why when I get the chance, I savor it. Because I enjoy it. I just love being kulit and kwela. :)
The AXN people were so nice, even the ones from Singapore. Looking forward to working with them again soon.


Yesterday we had our Wave Christmas Party at World Music in Promenade. So much fun! We had such a great time - singing our hearts out, laughing and getting tipsy. :) I found a new singing buddy in MTV VJ Don. He's so fun to be with! And a good singer too. You should've heard us do duets like A Whole New World and Sometimes When We Touch. :)

Pics to follow...


Also, I got the chance to spend Saturday with my folks. Had a little stupid accident with my car last week. Dad and I went out to get the tires changed and all. Then we spent the night together downing pepperoni pizza and spaghetti at Shakeys, and finally capping the evening with lattes at Mocha Blends. So much fun!
ma and dad me and bek crazy face

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Heaven is...

...from the man you love.

Doing nothing on a workday.

Soft couch,
and cuddling.

Making love with the windows open.

Breakfast buffet.

Cooking for your man,
and spoiling him silly.

Being a slob,
while your man cleans your mess. Bliss.

Holding hands.
Looking into each other's eyes.
Saying nothing.

Aahh... heaven.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Shocked and grieving...

It was in the news three days ago. Suspected carnappers killed in a shootout. Police were only trying to question them, and they fired. So the three men got killed. When I saw this, I felt relieved. Three less car criminals in the country, I thought.

Now, after seeing the video taken by UNTV, I cry in shock, horror and remorse. I have seen things like this in movies – dirty cops, shootouts and planted evidence. Tonight I saw it happen in real life. I cried when I saw the driver of the car still moving, and the police carefully approached and shot him, making sure he was really dead. The lifeless companion beside him had his hand on his chest. When the police got to him, minutes later, his hand was on his lap, holding a gun. The police say they were being shot at. But the car windows were closed.

Never in my life have I been affected by an incident such as this. I know that corruption exists, bad people in the government, powerful people protecting the criminals. But seeing it through that UNTV video – words cannot accurately describe how I’m feeling right now. How can I trust the police now? How can I trust the people who are supposed to be keeping us safe? All the respect I used to feel for them – gone. All I feel now is disgust. I am sickened by these supposedly protectors of the public.

I extremely regret siding with them when I first saw the incident in the news. I extremely regret having thought that the three men deserved what they got. What they deserve to get now is justice. And eternal peace in Heaven.

Results of the final investigation will be released on Monday. But my ears and my heart are now closed. What I have seen tonight is enough evidence. Even if these three men were what the police said they were, they do not deserve a brutal death (murder is a better term), especially if they did not provoke the authorities with bullets.

My utmost condolences to the families of these three men. And may God’s wrath fall upon the people who have caused you this great sorrow.

Monday, November 7, 2005

Best Radio Jock (pics!)

We watched the telecast of the 14th KBP Golden Dove Awards last Saturday on RPN9. My parents were so excited about it, they informed all our relatives and family friends to watch. :) They cut my speech though. But it was okay. At least all the important stuff was there.
my trophy
I felt the excitement once again as I watched myself on television. This is really such a blessing, such an honor. It still seems a bit surreal. My boss Joe D'Mango was kidding me the other day when he asked me to voice a plug for free - "Lulubusin ko na habang pwede pang libre, habang di mo pa masyadong narerealize yung napanalunan mo." Hehehe. It is kinda hard to absorb all at once - the greatness of this achievement. But deep inside, I am very grateful.

Pictures as promised...

An ecstatic me as I accepted the "Dove" :)
Surrounded by the people who mattered most...
My family. Mom and my bro Anthony were there...
My sweetheart Vin. My besty Len. Her dear hubby Edward, whose incredible photography skills have beautifully captured each and every moment of that evening. :)

Definitely one of the most wonderful events of my life. Thank you God!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Best Radio Jock!

I WON!!! :)

Last night will forever be etched in my memory. During the 14th KBP Golden Dove Awards, I was presented the greatest honor and my biggest achievement - my own Golden Dove, for Best Radio Jock.

I've never felt anything so wonderful and exciting. I found myself rushing up the stage in a blur, with my heart pounding and a big smile plastered on my face. It was incredible!

I might've forgotten some names in my short and sweet thank-you speech. So to all those who have shown faith in me - friends, supporters, mentors - THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Pictures coming up...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Discovering Phiosophy

Another beauty discovery...'cause it's fun to be single! :)
1,950 on mineral makeup
Philosophy's The Supernatural airbrushed canvas. A foundation, powder, concealer and SPF in one! It really gives you that satin-smooth finish, and its natural shade is perfect for my complexion. Love it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It's fun being Single!

Being single means being able to splurge without the guilt! :)
1,250 on a stick of gel blush!
But it's not just a blush, mind you. I discovered how amazing this beauty product is! I've tried different kinds and brands of blush before. This one, Skin Alison Raffaele Inner Glow, is the most natural-looking ever! It lasts the whole day (I swear, no touch-ups unless of course you wash your face) and it really gives you that uber-natural rosy flush. Definitely worth every peso!
1,850 on moisturizer!
Hope in a Jar is what it's called. And according to a lot of magazines I've read, it's a wonder moisturizer. While searching for an image on the net, I came across the Philosophy website. I read the description and the "promises" of Hope in a Jar, and I'm convinced more than ever that this beauty concoction will not disappoint.

Next on my to-buy list:
Liquid concealer and Mineral Foundation by Skin Alison Raffaele.
Smashbox lip gloss.
Clinique Happy To Be perfume.

Aah..the joys of being single! :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Something to be thankful for...

I made it to the list of finalists for the KBP Golden Dove Awards 2005. I am now one of the four finalists for Best Radio Jock. I'm up against Chico of RX, Harry of Jam and Cherry of WRock. I know my chances of winning are slim. But I am grateful, and happy, that I made it to the list of finalists. Just seeing my name in the list is enough to make me feel proud and thankful. Chico, Harry and Cherry were the jocks I listened to back in high school and college. And now, I'm joining them in the list of finalists for such a prestigious KBP award. I'm truly thankful. Thank you GOD! This is already a big enough award for me.

Besty bonding!

2 5
Met up with my bestfriend Len and her hubby Edward last week. We had dinner at Dencio's and exchanged presents. I gave her my belated birthday gifts and she gave me her pasalubongs from Bangkok. And as always, we had a great time! Thanks besty! Love you! And thanks to our official photographer. :)
9 10
And I got Pazette's gift, too. Love it! Thanks so much Pazette! Mwah!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Happy birthday besty!

My one and only besty celebrated her 26th birthday last Sept. 25. And this is the first time she's celebrating it outside the country (she's in Singapore with her hubby). Hope you had a great one there bespren! Happy birthday with all my love...
besty 2
Someone who understands me, and knows me inside out,
and helps keep me together, and believes without a doubt,
if I could move a mountain, someone to tell it to,
if I had only one friend left, I want it to be you!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

My man turned 27 last Sept. 9. And though he had quite a rough start, we ended up in each other's arms by the end of the day. I know that no matter what happens, no matter what life may bring, we will always be together. Always.
I love you my baby boy! With all my heart. For the rest of my life.
Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, September 6, 2005


You don't go dissing other people on air. Especially if they're your friends.

Even if it's meant to be a joke.

Since when did dissing become funny?

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The D&G EB Party!

anne n rye
Last leg of Go 80s at Agogo happened last Friday, simultaneously with the D&G EB Party. Only a few members joined us, but Cafe Agogo was jam packed, and it was the best Friday ever! We had a blast! Thor and Natural High performed. After that, DJ Ajie did the mixes 'til a few hours after midnight. We were dancing to the beats of the 80s - Boy George, Kylie Minogue, Mike Francis, Madonna, Kenny Loggins, etc. It was absolute FUN! I was standing on the couch and dancing. Funny thing is, I wasn't even drunk! :) I was simply having a great time.
eb party 2 eb party 3
eb party 1
More pictures coming up.


must love dogs
Watched MUST LOVE DOGS with my honey over the weekend. LOVE IT! I simply adore John Cusack! I borrowed the book from my friend Pam, and have started the first few chapters. I must say, the flick is so much better. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Life goes on...

Haven't blogged for a while. My schedule has been pretty tight the past few weeks. I guess it'll be staying this way for the next 7 months or so, with this telenovela project I'm working on. It's really draining me. But since I signed a contract, I can't just pack up and go because I'm burned out. I have to deal with it 'til it's finally over. I tell myself this is going to be my last project with them... Time will tell.


Been hitting the gym three to four times a week. I've discovered another class to enjoy - cardio martial arts. Fun! And it'll really make you SWEAT! As in! Love it!

My arms, legs and back have been sore for the longest time. Last week, I overdid my leg exercises and could barely walk. So I had to take a breather from spinning. But I'm okay now and I'll be back on the bike again tonight! :)

Workout sessions with my trainer is not as easy as I thought it would be. In fact, it's super hard! Sometimes I just want to give up and go home. But Kaye persistently tells me to go on. Now I can see how important a trainer is if you're really into serious "gymming." If I was on my own, my body will not cooperate anymore.


Today I have decided to eat healthier! My friend Lindy told me about this place called GOOLAI. Well, it's not actually a place, but they make salads and sandwiches and you order a day earlier by email or phone. I placed my very first order yesterday. So today, this is what I had for lunch:

Fresh greens with tuna, apples and walnuts in ranch dressing
Shrimp sandwich with alfalfa sprouts and walnuts in whole wheat


Want to go veggie? Email GOOLAI!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Enjoying life!

Loving Alanis! (...and her acoustic jagged little pill...) The HEAD OVER FEET in this album hits stronger than the original. You just want to stop what you're doing and get lost in it... I recommend it to people who are just about starting to fall in love...

Loving the gym! Never thought I'd enjoy it this much. My fave class - spinning! It makes you breathless and high. Pilates is quite difficult, but challenging. We all know yoga is for relaxation. Now I know that from experience. I almost fell asleep! It's just TOO relaxing! Hehehe... I might skip yoga from now on. I'd rather get pumped up. I have yet to try the cardio martial arts class. It looks fun. Ahh...and the "serious" workout. Hitting the machines with my personal trainer, Kaye. It's really a big challenge for someone who's not used to sweating it out and moving (or carrying) heavy stuff. But as the saying goes, no pain, no gain. I just have to keep picturing Vina Morales' abs in my head for motivation. :)
golds gym

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Weight Gain?!?

Had my first orientation at Gold's Gym yesterday. I had a pretty trainer named Kaye. I did 15-mins cardio, and she did a couple of tests on me. Like checking my body fat, and muscle mass and all that jazz. Then I stepped on the weighing scale.

What's my weight?

Wait. Let me compute. (starts punching on her little calculator). 103 pounds.

You're kidding right?

No. Look here... (shows me how to compute from kilograms to pounds.)

That can't be right. I though I was about 107 by now.

No. It's 103. You're underweight. And you need to start a weight gain program.

Weight gain? You gotta be kidding me. I already gained enough weight. But my trainer says if I want to see toned arms, legs and abs, I need to eat and put on weight, or else there's nothing to tone. Hmm...

What a dilemma.

So now I'm thinking. 6,500 pesos to hire a trainer for 11 sessions. That's almost two months. I think I really need a trainer if I'm gonna be serious about toning my bod and all. Should I take the plunge? My 3rd workout orientation will be on Saturday. Maybe I can decide then. I really need to think about this, contemplate, before I shell out that much moolah from my savings.

An investment for my body? Or a waste of money? Hmm...

Jagged Little Pill

alanis 2
Drove through the usual traffic on my way back to Wave from Makati. It's raining again. Haven't seen the sun in days. I play my Alanis Morissette CD and fast forward to the bonus tracks. Ironic. Head Over Feet. You Oughta Know. Hand in my Pocket.

My mind travelled back to my early college days.

Long hair. 95 pounds. Slender arms. Size 25 jeans. Untrimmed eyebrows.

Someone used to call me Daffodils back then.

I had a girlfriend back then.

My bestfriend Lennie was in a different section. But we always met up after class.

Had little money back then. Used to ride the jeep.

Went on a Tagaytay road trip with some friends. Love triangle? I don't know. We drove through a tunnel with all the lights off. That was scary.

I loved Alanis back then.

I still do.

I miss listening to her old songs. Never really had the money back then to buy her Jagged Little Pill album. Now, after ten years, I have the money. But I can't find her album anymore. Bummer.

I hope someone tries to find the Jagged Little Pill for me.

Surfed through the net and found that she's got an acoustic CD of Jagged Little Pill, released this year. I got to have that. And the first one.

Alanis is still in my system.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Movie marathon!

Watched two flicks with my beau over the weekend.
wedding crashers
WEDDING CRASHERS with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Really funny! It got a couple of negative reviews over the net. But I liked the movie. Light and funny - heck, it's a comedy. And I realized one thing, Vince Vaughn is CUTE! No wonder Jennifer Aniston's into him.
chocolate factory
CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Love it! And Johnny Depp is sooo sexy. Never mind if he looked like Michael Jackson in this flick. He's such a versatile actor. I can't think of any other Hollywood star who wouldv'e made a better Willy Wonka.

I cried during the part when Charlie's grandpa gave him a coin to buy a Wonka bar, fished out from his old, worn wallet. It reminded me of my own lolo. He wanted to buy me an expensive car alarm when my dad went to the US. He was handing over some bills to my dad when they were in the auto shop. My dad wouldn't have it of course.

And I also got teary-eyed when Charlie said he only gets a Wonka bar once a year, during his birthday. How sad is that? :(
Hooked into Sophie Kinsella's third installment of Shopaholic. I just adore Luke! But I hate his mom! She's so...grrr! Good thing my in-laws are wonderful people. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

How cute is that? :)

Look what I found at MINT!
dng shirt
Soon as I saw this on the display window, I knew I just had to have it! It's got my name written on it. Or the name of my show, literally. :) Love it!

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Trinket Queen!

trinkets 5
Two things I spend most of my money on: shoes and ACCESSORIES! I am a certified trinket queen! Everytime I'm in a mall or bazaar, I find myself magnetized to these sparkling and colorful items. I just can't resist 'em.
get happy pink get happy black
Right now, I'm addicted to GET HAPPY earrings. They're simply the best! A bit pricey, but definitely worth every peso. They instantly turn a simple tank top-jeans outfit into a fab getup! My favorite (and most expensive) pair are the big pink ones. A bit heavy, but your ears get used to the weight.
trinkets 3 trinkets 2
I collect all kinds - earrings, bracelets, bangles, chokers, rings, brooches. Sparkling stones, colorful plastics, ethnic styles, butterfly and floral designs, silver, gold, bronze - I love 'em all!
trinkets 4 trinkets

Getting fit!

I have decided to add fitness to my life. Last Thursday, I started going to the gym. My dear friend, Tita Mags of Mossimo, gifted me with a 6-month membership certificate at Gold's Gym. So I enrolled, and started with the Spinning class last week. It was really tiring, but fun. I plan to attend the group exercise classes. They have spinning, yoga, pilates, street dancing and belly dancing during the weekdays. My goal is to attend at least 3 classes every week. If I can wake up early during Sundays, I can also attend the yoga class at 9. I'm not really after a gorgeous bod. I just want to feel the positive effects of exercise on my mood and my skin. :) They say you get that "healthy glow" when you exercise regularly. I want that! :)
sports buff
Hon bought me a new water bottle, and really nice Nike shoes. My very first pair of REAL Nike shoes! :) I love 'em! And I can't wait to hit the gym again with my new gear. :) Thanks sweetheart!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Painted on the back of some Metro Manila buses is this line:


Makes you wanna laugh, huh?

Overtaking, cutting, swerving. A bus driver's hobby. You can expect absolutely no road courtesy from these drivers. Most of them, if not all.

I should paint something on the back of my car.


Monday, July 25, 2005

My life so far...

Working on a holiday. Not really a downside. I don’t mind missing today’s SONA. It won’t put food on the table anyway. :)

We started on a new telenovela now. It’s a Spanish TV series and we’re dubbing it in English. It isn’t as easy as my other dubbing job. But raket is raket. I can’t really complain if I want to be able to pay for my car monthly. And besides, I enjoy doing this. It’s the closest I can get to theater and real acting. :)

Now I’m here, writing this while waiting for my 3pm show to start. I’m already getting used to my new sched. My dubbing jobs have adjusted to this new time slot. It’s a bit tiring though, going to Makati in the morning, Ortigas in the afternoon, then heading back to Makati in the evening. But it’s alright. At least I still have both projects. God is indeed good. Now if only He can do something about the metro’s traffic problems… hehehe.


Once again I am addicted to SIMS. I spent almost the entire weekend playing, creating families and building houses. And I just discovered that if you finally decide to have a baby, and take real good care of it, the baby’ll grow up into a kid. I know what you’re thinking. You got that big DUH in your head. :) I just experimented on the baby over the weekend. Now I don’t have to wonder what happens to the baby afterwards. :)


Heaven is…

…skin and sheets, fingers laced while watching About Schmidt.

…a warm embrace, with soothing hot water against your bare back.

Silent moments that mean so much.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Decided to give my blog a fresh new look. Haven't been making entries for quite some time. Been busy with work, and other stuff.

Some updates...

I've gotten over my very sad week last week, or the week before that, I can't remember. Things are doing okay now between me and my beau. Work problems are also an added burden. And sad to say, there is no more hope for people who refuse to change for the better. I just cross my fingers and pray for my workplace, that these people will not succeed in destroying the station that I love.

I have found me a good quote - DON'T WASTE TIME RESPONDING TO YOUR CRITICS. So true. If they don't matter, don't mind them. :)

Watched FANTASTIC FOUR with my beau over the weekend. Entertaining. But not very impressive.

I have quite adjusted to my new schedule. 3-6PM isn't so bad. My telenovela sched has been moved to evenings now, which isn't so bad because at least I don't get stuck in Makati traffic anymore. And I am thankful that I still have this raket. It keeps my bank account happy, and I truly enjoy the work.
drive and grind
I am enjoying my boardwork. I've always enjoyed Rye's company. And everything's so easy with this guy. I don't even feel like I'm working. It's just like having fun all the time. And if there are days when we're not in the mood to have fun, who cares? We just let it slide. :) Loving it...

My new schedule has one disadvantage: TRAFFIC! Grr! I hate buses, jeepneys and motorbikes. If I become president of this country, or someone who can control the LTO, I'll have all public drivers take a road courtesy and disciplinary training. Stupid drivers can go home and plant kamote.

But I am enjoying my new car (which I think isn't so new anymore because so far in 2 months it has traveled a lot already) even if it isn't a matic. In fact, I am proud that my car isn't a matic. My car is slowly teaching me to become a skillful stick driver. (Hmm...that doesn't sound so wholesome.) Hehehe... Seriously, I'm enjoying it. And I believe a girl who's good with the stick is incredibly impressive and sexy. (Again, that didn't sound so wholesome.) ;)

Tuesday, July 5, 2005


Watched War of the Worlds with my family. Although the flick had its good moments, and was able to keep you breathless in some parts, over-all it was kinda blah. A rip-off, as Mareng Ida described it.
Then I went out with my besty and her hubby. Stayed up ‘til 2:30AM at Off The Grill to watch our high school friend Paula and her band, Joint. Their music was okay. And Edward had too much to drink. :)


Went to Hairbytes in Eastwood to get a much-needed haircut. I wanted to go to a really nice salon where you pay a big amount for their good stylists. 650 bucks got me a nice layered style, which looks sexy when blow-dried, and still looks pretty much ok when not. Now I need a hair spa treatment. Dry and dull-looking hair will still look unattractive even with a nice, sophisticated style.
After hearing mass, my family and I had dinner at McDonald’s. Going inside the fastfood restaurant, and smelling that signature “McDo” smell – the experience seemed new to me. I have successfully avoided eating McDonald’s for the longest time. I wanted to have Japanese instead because I am constantly thinking about my diet. But what the heck. It’s just for one day anyway. I ordered my favorite meal – a Big Mac and large fries! Yum!


The Drive & Grind with Anne & Rye is officially back! Our new time slot is Mon-Fri, 3-6PM. As soon as we got on board, it all came back so naturally – the way we blend, the way we talk together, and laugh at the really insignificant things that make it even funnier. Chemistry’s intact and sense of humor’s in check. I’m gonna love this major change. I just hope my partna stays for good. Knowing Rye, I’ll take it by the day. :)

stone love
Very bad weather. Very bad traffic. I drove to work for an hour and 15 minutes with Angie Stone playing inside my car. I just LOVE her new album. Angie Stone – Stone Love. Smooth. Perfect.


Underneath this busy fa├žade, you will find a trace of sadness. But I refuse to dwell on it. I don’t even want to talk about it. I’ll just drown myself in work. That will keep my sanity.