Thursday, August 11, 2005

Weight Gain?!?

Had my first orientation at Gold's Gym yesterday. I had a pretty trainer named Kaye. I did 15-mins cardio, and she did a couple of tests on me. Like checking my body fat, and muscle mass and all that jazz. Then I stepped on the weighing scale.

What's my weight?

Wait. Let me compute. (starts punching on her little calculator). 103 pounds.

You're kidding right?

No. Look here... (shows me how to compute from kilograms to pounds.)

That can't be right. I though I was about 107 by now.

No. It's 103. You're underweight. And you need to start a weight gain program.

Weight gain? You gotta be kidding me. I already gained enough weight. But my trainer says if I want to see toned arms, legs and abs, I need to eat and put on weight, or else there's nothing to tone. Hmm...

What a dilemma.

So now I'm thinking. 6,500 pesos to hire a trainer for 11 sessions. That's almost two months. I think I really need a trainer if I'm gonna be serious about toning my bod and all. Should I take the plunge? My 3rd workout orientation will be on Saturday. Maybe I can decide then. I really need to think about this, contemplate, before I shell out that much moolah from my savings.

An investment for my body? Or a waste of money? Hmm...

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