Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Enjoying life!

Loving Alanis! (...and her acoustic jagged little pill...) The HEAD OVER FEET in this album hits stronger than the original. You just want to stop what you're doing and get lost in it... I recommend it to people who are just about starting to fall in love...

Loving the gym! Never thought I'd enjoy it this much. My fave class - spinning! It makes you breathless and high. Pilates is quite difficult, but challenging. We all know yoga is for relaxation. Now I know that from experience. I almost fell asleep! It's just TOO relaxing! Hehehe... I might skip yoga from now on. I'd rather get pumped up. I have yet to try the cardio martial arts class. It looks fun. Ahh...and the "serious" workout. Hitting the machines with my personal trainer, Kaye. It's really a big challenge for someone who's not used to sweating it out and moving (or carrying) heavy stuff. But as the saying goes, no pain, no gain. I just have to keep picturing Vina Morales' abs in my head for motivation. :)
golds gym

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