Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm really just a girl...

...standing in front of a guy (or a girl if you're a girl), asking you to like me. Tee-hee! :)

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Sunday, June 26, 2011


You should get a copy of Lourd De Veyra's book, This Is A Crazy Planets. It's a compilation of posts from his blog. Hilarious, I'm telling ya!

My husband is loving it. Beats David Sedaris anytime! I bet you'll love it, too!


Lying in bed, reading a book or doing nothing, talking, laughing, being lazy together. Don't you just love Sundays? Especially when you're sharing it with the one you love, yes?


Saturday, June 25, 2011


One of the actors from Jackass, Ryan Dunn, died recently from a car crash. The reason? He was drunk, and was driving too fast for his own good.

Some people, stricken with disease like cancer, pay so much money to save their own lives. While others don't give a damn and live carelessly and recklessly. They drown themselves in booze, get in a car, and get in an accident that costs them their lives.

If only one's lifespan could be transfered, just like blood. If you're tired of it, then give it to someone who desperately wants to live.


Life is really simple.

We are the ones who make it complicated. Our choices, our decisions, our emotions, the paths we choose to take - these will either put life's puzzle pieces in order or helter skelter. It's all up to you.

Funny how sometimes people choose to complicate things by making unwise decisions. Choosing to do something stupid, when everybody, even your conscience, tries to steer you to the right direction. Then when life gets too dramatic or difficult because of your choices, you complain.

Life is what you make it, my friend.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Long overdue!

Time to dust off the cobwebs from my blog. I've been quite busy the past month so I failed to write about things and events that I wanted to document. It's long overdue, these stories. But still worth reading, so let's begin.


Hubby and I visited the famous Mercato Centrale food market at BGC two months ago to check out their Favorites Weekend Treat. I've been invited several times by RJ Ledesma (the guy who cooked up this gastronomic venture) to try out the wonders of Mercato Centrale, but I couldn't find the time to drive from QC to Taguig on weekends. So finally, after interviewing on my radio show two of the merchants included in the Favorites Weekends Treat - Nowie of Mochiko and Gail of Simply Pie! - I was enticed to block off my Sunday and trek to The Fort.

And oh, how my hubby and I enjoyed that day!

With RJ Ledesma

The freshest organic veggies from the Producers Tent

The famous donut burger from Offbeat Kitchen. Thanks, Mickey!

Thanks for the tour, Nowie! And for the super yummy Mochiko treats!

Promos and goodies were given by 15 of Mercato's best merchants during the Weekend Treat. But there were a lot of other food and produce stalls to check out, too, so the tents were abuzz with families, foodies and shoppers. Nowie gave Alvin and I a quick tour around the place and introduced us to some of the top merchants, who all gave us free samples of their products. Oh joy!

Two of my favorites: homemade ravioli and Tina's Beef San Mig Pie. Ooh la la!

Anita's cupcakes are as delightful as the baker herself! Wonderful!

The BEST quiche I have ever tasted! Delicious. 'Nuff said. Thanks, Gail!

We simply couldn't try everything all in one day. So we promised we'd visit Mercato again. Hubby and I went home with happy tummie (burp!) and boxes of goodies to share with my family on the way home.

Check out MERCATO!
Midnight Mercato - Fridays and Saturdays, 8pm-2am
Mercato Centrale - Saturdays and Sundays, 6am-2pm



We simply couldn't let the summer pass without hitting the beach together, so hubby and I planned a little trip out of town without having to spend for airfare. What came to mind was Puerto Galera. The last time we visited Mindoro was in 2004 or 2005. We stayed at White Beach, and I remember it being quite nice and not as crazy as Boracay. I researched on other hotels to check out in Puerto Galera and chanced upon the website of this place called Sunset at Aninuan. The photos on the site were quite lovely, so I got in touch with the Manager/Owner and booked a stay.

The long beach strip of Aninuan is situated right beside White Beach, separated by a rocky cove that you can cross carefully by foot if you're the adventurous type. But Aninuan is a far cry from its neighbor. While White Beach has turned into an ugly version of Boracay, Aninuan lies secretly on the other side, like a jewel waiting to be discovered. There are only three resorts on the strip - Camp Rock, Tamaraw and Sunset. The rest of it belongs to the Pardo de Ayala family. That's why it's quiet, undisturbed and breathtakingly beautiful.

The restaurant by the beach.

Hubby and I stayed for four blissful days, priding ourselves for finding such a gem of a place. The rates are reasonable, quite affordable actually for a hotel that can be considered upscale because of its structure, amenities and service. The owner and manager, Lexy Neiderer, is such a warm and wonderful person. All praises for the staff, the impeccable service, the food and restaurant. We spent four days just relaxing under the sun and taking photos. That photo I took of the sunset tells you why the place was named Sunset at Aninuan. The sunsets here are glorious everyday. Four days of uninterrupted swimming, tanning, lounging and photography for me and my husband. Boring? Not at all! Tiring ourselves with activities isn't our thing, but for those who wish for some action, the hotel also offers snorkeling and diving trips, hiking and kayaking.

Long shutter evening photo of the lounging area by the beach.

The rocky cove that separates White Beach from the beautiful stretch of Aninuan Beach.

With just an hour and a half-long drive to the Batangas Port, and a 45-minute ferry ride to Muelle, Sunset at Aninuan is definitely our top choice for a quick getaway. I highly recommend this place to those looking for a romantic, relaxing break from the stressful city.

More updates soon!