Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Waiting in vain...

What's with today? Traffic is just terrible! This morning, I left home at 8:45 and reached my destination in Makati at 11:30, and my recording was at 10! It would only take me an hour and 15 minutes to get to Makati from my place. Today, it took too long my butt started to hurt.

Anyway, that's not what I wanna talk about. To keep a cool head while driving, I listened to Annie Lennox's WAITING IN VAIN on repeat. It's definitely one of my all-time favorite songs. It's on top of my list of songs that really get to me. I hear the first few notes and - wham! - it just hits me.

Doesn't that happen to you? You hear a song, and it just hits you. A chord in your heart, a memory buried somewhere deep in your mind. Whatever. It just hits you.

Now that song just does it for me.

What is it about the song that affects me? I don't know. It's not that I'm waiting for anyone's love. But I HAVE experienced waiting in vain. Waiting in vain for one boy's love that, well, ended in vain. But that's part of my past. I'm well over it. I just get emotional when I hear the song. Annie Lennox certainly did one helluva revival with that one.

I'll try to hook the song up to this blog. Operative word - TRY. :) If I'm succesful, then listen and see if it hits you, too.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Mothers' Day!

In my family, special occasions like Mothers' Day are always a matter of importance, a gift-giving celebration.

So last Sunday we showered our dear mom with gifts and lotsa love! :)

mom 2 mom 3
mom 5 mom 1

Love ya mommy! :)


My dad went to the US to attend a 2-day conference and to visit my Lolo for about two weeks. Yes, he'll be away for only two weeks. And yet the whole family took him to the airport and cried when we waved goodbye. Onlookers were probably thinking he'd be gone for months. But no, just two weeks. :) We're just so tightly-knit, we can't stand being away from each other.

Miss ya daddy!

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Kilig flicks!

Watched BRIDGET JONES: THE EDGE OF REASON on DVD the other day, with my mom and dad and my sister, Andrea. I was the only one who truly enjoyed the flick, and I still felt as giddy as the first time I saw it. Colin Firth is just so… *sigh* =) His “I like you just the way you are” line in the first Bridget film instantly made him the world’s sweetheart, particularly because he said the line to a fat girl. Ahh…love, love, love.
pride n prej 2
Another flick I’ve seen for the second time is PRIDE & PREJUDICE, which is now one of my few all-time favorite favorites! Matthew Macfadyen has definitely stolen my heart! No need for intimate contacts in this film. The lines are enough to get you high. And (to those who have seen it) don’t you just LOVE the way Mr. Darcy said his “I love you” to Lizzie?
pride n prej
“I love…I love…I love you…”

Nabubulol pa! Stammering with so much emotion! Di ko kinaya. I immediately burst into tears.

Dammit, makes you wonder what happened to the men of our generation. Most of them were born without a single romantic bone! (Except of course my beau, and my besty’s hubby.)

If you haven’t seen these two flicks, I suggest you do, if you want to feel instantly light and giddy with love.

The fountain of youth

The fountain of youth. This is how I would describe the bond I share with my besty Len. Every time we get together, no matter how short the time, I always get revived and refreshed and ready to face the world again. Whenever life throws some rocks at me, I find refuge in the warm and welcoming company of my besty. There's always laughter when we're together. There's always love, acceptance and understanding. An understanding that no matter what happens, we always have each other. We may live in different worlds, with different priorities, surrounded by different friends. Still nothing comes close to the bond that we share.
bespren 1
Saturday, we spent most of the entire day together - the longest time we shared since college. We both auditioned for dubbing jobs (not exactly the professional audition that we expected, so it was a bit disappointing), then off we went to Spazio to check out the condo that she and her hubby Edward bought. Edward was in Hong Kong over the weekend, so we were able to have our girls' day-out. =)

We went to Katipunan/White plains to check out the new spa I saw there. The place was lovely and very impressive. But the spa treatments were expensive and so-so. Len tried the Hilot, and I got a salt scrub. We both agreed that it's better at G Spa, but the new experience was relaxing enough.

We had dinner at Roma Mia in The Podium. And we found out that there's already a branch of The Spa in that mall. That's where we'll go next time. We chatted over great pasta and chicken wings, talking about everything, getting giddy over memories of our big-time crushes back in college. Last stop was at Goodies and Sweets for Turtle and Mango pies - perfect way to end our day.

Thanks for the time besty! Until our next date. Mwah! :)