Tuesday, May 9, 2006

The fountain of youth

The fountain of youth. This is how I would describe the bond I share with my besty Len. Every time we get together, no matter how short the time, I always get revived and refreshed and ready to face the world again. Whenever life throws some rocks at me, I find refuge in the warm and welcoming company of my besty. There's always laughter when we're together. There's always love, acceptance and understanding. An understanding that no matter what happens, we always have each other. We may live in different worlds, with different priorities, surrounded by different friends. Still nothing comes close to the bond that we share.
bespren 1
Saturday, we spent most of the entire day together - the longest time we shared since college. We both auditioned for dubbing jobs (not exactly the professional audition that we expected, so it was a bit disappointing), then off we went to Spazio to check out the condo that she and her hubby Edward bought. Edward was in Hong Kong over the weekend, so we were able to have our girls' day-out. =)

We went to Katipunan/White plains to check out the new spa I saw there. The place was lovely and very impressive. But the spa treatments were expensive and so-so. Len tried the Hilot, and I got a salt scrub. We both agreed that it's better at G Spa, but the new experience was relaxing enough.

We had dinner at Roma Mia in The Podium. And we found out that there's already a branch of The Spa in that mall. That's where we'll go next time. We chatted over great pasta and chicken wings, talking about everything, getting giddy over memories of our big-time crushes back in college. Last stop was at Goodies and Sweets for Turtle and Mango pies - perfect way to end our day.

Thanks for the time besty! Until our next date. Mwah! :)

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