Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Kilig flicks!

Watched BRIDGET JONES: THE EDGE OF REASON on DVD the other day, with my mom and dad and my sister, Andrea. I was the only one who truly enjoyed the flick, and I still felt as giddy as the first time I saw it. Colin Firth is just so… *sigh* =) His “I like you just the way you are” line in the first Bridget film instantly made him the world’s sweetheart, particularly because he said the line to a fat girl. Ahh…love, love, love.
pride n prej 2
Another flick I’ve seen for the second time is PRIDE & PREJUDICE, which is now one of my few all-time favorite favorites! Matthew Macfadyen has definitely stolen my heart! No need for intimate contacts in this film. The lines are enough to get you high. And (to those who have seen it) don’t you just LOVE the way Mr. Darcy said his “I love you” to Lizzie?
pride n prej
“I love…I love…I love you…”

Nabubulol pa! Stammering with so much emotion! Di ko kinaya. I immediately burst into tears.

Dammit, makes you wonder what happened to the men of our generation. Most of them were born without a single romantic bone! (Except of course my beau, and my besty’s hubby.)

If you haven’t seen these two flicks, I suggest you do, if you want to feel instantly light and giddy with love.

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