Friday, August 2, 2013

Commit to be fit!

I just recently joined 360 Fitness Club's search for their next ambassador. I'm one of the six finalists vying for the title, but I already feel like a winner just being part of the Final 6 and having my photo storyboard and write-up posted on their Facebook page for everyone to see.

Yes, I have immersed myself completely in this commitment I've made with fitness. Everything started with clothes that no longer fit and photos I wasn't so proud to show. Even the webcam in our radio booth was screaming at me to get back in shape. I knew it was time to make a change.

That was seven months ago. I gave my lifestyle a complete overhaul. Through a healthy diet and regular exercise, I finally lost 100% of my preggy pounds. From a disheartening 129lbs. to 105 as of today. Although it isn't the weight loss that gets me stoked. It's realizing that all my hard work and discipline made me physically fit and strong. I'm leaner and more toned. Would you believe that my metabolic age is 19 years old? I have more energy for work and, most importantly, family time. I've never been this happy about myself and my body. And it feels amazing!

The videos of the Final 6 will be coming out soon. I'd appreciate it very much if you could give it a like. I'll post the link here as soon as it's out. I hope that somehow my story would inspire fellow moms who are trying to get back in shape. I understand the struggle, believe me. It's difficult, especially for working moms like myself. And many get trapped in their comfort zones and the notion that motherhood is a valid excuse for not being fit. Honestly, it isn't. Motherhood should serve as motivation for us to make ourselves fit, healthy and strong so we can face the challenges of raising our kids and caring for our families.

I did it. You can, too! Find an activity that you love doing. Any kind of exercise works wonders! If circuit training interests you, join us at 360 Fitness Club. It only takes 30 minutes for a complete (and intense!) workout.

Ready to commit?