Thursday, August 11, 2005

Jagged Little Pill

alanis 2
Drove through the usual traffic on my way back to Wave from Makati. It's raining again. Haven't seen the sun in days. I play my Alanis Morissette CD and fast forward to the bonus tracks. Ironic. Head Over Feet. You Oughta Know. Hand in my Pocket.

My mind travelled back to my early college days.

Long hair. 95 pounds. Slender arms. Size 25 jeans. Untrimmed eyebrows.

Someone used to call me Daffodils back then.

I had a girlfriend back then.

My bestfriend Lennie was in a different section. But we always met up after class.

Had little money back then. Used to ride the jeep.

Went on a Tagaytay road trip with some friends. Love triangle? I don't know. We drove through a tunnel with all the lights off. That was scary.

I loved Alanis back then.

I still do.

I miss listening to her old songs. Never really had the money back then to buy her Jagged Little Pill album. Now, after ten years, I have the money. But I can't find her album anymore. Bummer.

I hope someone tries to find the Jagged Little Pill for me.

Surfed through the net and found that she's got an acoustic CD of Jagged Little Pill, released this year. I got to have that. And the first one.

Alanis is still in my system.

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