Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Decided to give my blog a fresh new look. Haven't been making entries for quite some time. Been busy with work, and other stuff.

Some updates...

I've gotten over my very sad week last week, or the week before that, I can't remember. Things are doing okay now between me and my beau. Work problems are also an added burden. And sad to say, there is no more hope for people who refuse to change for the better. I just cross my fingers and pray for my workplace, that these people will not succeed in destroying the station that I love.

I have found me a good quote - DON'T WASTE TIME RESPONDING TO YOUR CRITICS. So true. If they don't matter, don't mind them. :)

Watched FANTASTIC FOUR with my beau over the weekend. Entertaining. But not very impressive.

I have quite adjusted to my new schedule. 3-6PM isn't so bad. My telenovela sched has been moved to evenings now, which isn't so bad because at least I don't get stuck in Makati traffic anymore. And I am thankful that I still have this raket. It keeps my bank account happy, and I truly enjoy the work.
drive and grind
I am enjoying my boardwork. I've always enjoyed Rye's company. And everything's so easy with this guy. I don't even feel like I'm working. It's just like having fun all the time. And if there are days when we're not in the mood to have fun, who cares? We just let it slide. :) Loving it...

My new schedule has one disadvantage: TRAFFIC! Grr! I hate buses, jeepneys and motorbikes. If I become president of this country, or someone who can control the LTO, I'll have all public drivers take a road courtesy and disciplinary training. Stupid drivers can go home and plant kamote.

But I am enjoying my new car (which I think isn't so new anymore because so far in 2 months it has traveled a lot already) even if it isn't a matic. In fact, I am proud that my car isn't a matic. My car is slowly teaching me to become a skillful stick driver. (Hmm...that doesn't sound so wholesome.) Hehehe... Seriously, I'm enjoying it. And I believe a girl who's good with the stick is incredibly impressive and sexy. (Again, that didn't sound so wholesome.) ;)

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