Monday, July 25, 2005

My life so far...

Working on a holiday. Not really a downside. I don’t mind missing today’s SONA. It won’t put food on the table anyway. :)

We started on a new telenovela now. It’s a Spanish TV series and we’re dubbing it in English. It isn’t as easy as my other dubbing job. But raket is raket. I can’t really complain if I want to be able to pay for my car monthly. And besides, I enjoy doing this. It’s the closest I can get to theater and real acting. :)

Now I’m here, writing this while waiting for my 3pm show to start. I’m already getting used to my new sched. My dubbing jobs have adjusted to this new time slot. It’s a bit tiring though, going to Makati in the morning, Ortigas in the afternoon, then heading back to Makati in the evening. But it’s alright. At least I still have both projects. God is indeed good. Now if only He can do something about the metro’s traffic problems… hehehe.


Once again I am addicted to SIMS. I spent almost the entire weekend playing, creating families and building houses. And I just discovered that if you finally decide to have a baby, and take real good care of it, the baby’ll grow up into a kid. I know what you’re thinking. You got that big DUH in your head. :) I just experimented on the baby over the weekend. Now I don’t have to wonder what happens to the baby afterwards. :)


Heaven is…

…skin and sheets, fingers laced while watching About Schmidt.

…a warm embrace, with soothing hot water against your bare back.

Silent moments that mean so much.

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