Tuesday, July 5, 2005


Watched War of the Worlds with my family. Although the flick had its good moments, and was able to keep you breathless in some parts, over-all it was kinda blah. A rip-off, as Mareng Ida described it.
Then I went out with my besty and her hubby. Stayed up ‘til 2:30AM at Off The Grill to watch our high school friend Paula and her band, Joint. Their music was okay. And Edward had too much to drink. :)


Went to Hairbytes in Eastwood to get a much-needed haircut. I wanted to go to a really nice salon where you pay a big amount for their good stylists. 650 bucks got me a nice layered style, which looks sexy when blow-dried, and still looks pretty much ok when not. Now I need a hair spa treatment. Dry and dull-looking hair will still look unattractive even with a nice, sophisticated style.
After hearing mass, my family and I had dinner at McDonald’s. Going inside the fastfood restaurant, and smelling that signature “McDo” smell – the experience seemed new to me. I have successfully avoided eating McDonald’s for the longest time. I wanted to have Japanese instead because I am constantly thinking about my diet. But what the heck. It’s just for one day anyway. I ordered my favorite meal – a Big Mac and large fries! Yum!


The Drive & Grind with Anne & Rye is officially back! Our new time slot is Mon-Fri, 3-6PM. As soon as we got on board, it all came back so naturally – the way we blend, the way we talk together, and laugh at the really insignificant things that make it even funnier. Chemistry’s intact and sense of humor’s in check. I’m gonna love this major change. I just hope my partna stays for good. Knowing Rye, I’ll take it by the day. :)

stone love
Very bad weather. Very bad traffic. I drove to work for an hour and 15 minutes with Angie Stone playing inside my car. I just LOVE her new album. Angie Stone – Stone Love. Smooth. Perfect.


Underneath this busy façade, you will find a trace of sadness. But I refuse to dwell on it. I don’t even want to talk about it. I’ll just drown myself in work. That will keep my sanity.

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