Sunday, July 31, 2005

Getting fit!

I have decided to add fitness to my life. Last Thursday, I started going to the gym. My dear friend, Tita Mags of Mossimo, gifted me with a 6-month membership certificate at Gold's Gym. So I enrolled, and started with the Spinning class last week. It was really tiring, but fun. I plan to attend the group exercise classes. They have spinning, yoga, pilates, street dancing and belly dancing during the weekdays. My goal is to attend at least 3 classes every week. If I can wake up early during Sundays, I can also attend the yoga class at 9. I'm not really after a gorgeous bod. I just want to feel the positive effects of exercise on my mood and my skin. :) They say you get that "healthy glow" when you exercise regularly. I want that! :)
sports buff
Hon bought me a new water bottle, and really nice Nike shoes. My very first pair of REAL Nike shoes! :) I love 'em! And I can't wait to hit the gym again with my new gear. :) Thanks sweetheart!

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