Thursday, December 22, 2005

No more good monkey...

king kong
Yes, I cried when King Kong died. I've seen the Peter Jackson remake twice, and I love it! I didn't mind sitting through the 3hr and 15min flick. Others found it dragging. But for me, it was interesting, amazing and entertaining. And so goddamn SAD when King Kong died. I already know how the story goes. But seeing how adorable he was, and how he treated Ann with so much care, I just couldn't take watching the ending.

I watched it with my family the other day, during mom's birthday. I was giggling quietly with my sister, Andrea, when King Kong appeared on screen. We were whispering, "Aaww... monkey." :)


Mom celebrated her 51st birthday on December 20. We spent the night with Chinese food, popcorn, fruit shakes and a good movie. Happy birthday ma! Love you lots!


I was wrapping up my boardwork a while ago, and suddenly, it just hit me. Oh my god! It's Christmas already this weekend! And I haven't started my gift shopping yet! What have I been doing for the past few weeks? Then, I remembered. I was too busy taking care of our Christmas Party Presentation. :( Now I have to cram. And I'm starting immediately after I finish this entry.


Speaking of the presentation, WE WON! :) Funny, I remembered praying to God since last week - "Lord, please make us win 1st place." And I got what I asked for. Wave 89.1 bagged 1st place, with 20 gran. And the champs were the people from Jam. When I was saying my thank you prayer last night, I said, "Lord thanks for making us win. Kahit 1st place lang..." Then I laughed. Shit. That was exactly what I asked for. Remind me to go for gold next time. :)


ipod 2
It's Christmas already! I'm still deciding on it, but I think I wanna get me an IPOD mini and an ITrip. I have to shell out about 16K.

Or audio set up for me car?

Hmmm... decisions, decisions.

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