Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It's fun being Single!

Being single means being able to splurge without the guilt! :)
1,250 on a stick of gel blush!
But it's not just a blush, mind you. I discovered how amazing this beauty product is! I've tried different kinds and brands of blush before. This one, Skin Alison Raffaele Inner Glow, is the most natural-looking ever! It lasts the whole day (I swear, no touch-ups unless of course you wash your face) and it really gives you that uber-natural rosy flush. Definitely worth every peso!
1,850 on moisturizer!
Hope in a Jar is what it's called. And according to a lot of magazines I've read, it's a wonder moisturizer. While searching for an image on the net, I came across the Philosophy website. I read the description and the "promises" of Hope in a Jar, and I'm convinced more than ever that this beauty concoction will not disappoint.

Next on my to-buy list:
Liquid concealer and Mineral Foundation by Skin Alison Raffaele.
Smashbox lip gloss.
Clinique Happy To Be perfume.

Aah..the joys of being single! :)

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