Monday, November 7, 2005

Best Radio Jock (pics!)

We watched the telecast of the 14th KBP Golden Dove Awards last Saturday on RPN9. My parents were so excited about it, they informed all our relatives and family friends to watch. :) They cut my speech though. But it was okay. At least all the important stuff was there.
my trophy
I felt the excitement once again as I watched myself on television. This is really such a blessing, such an honor. It still seems a bit surreal. My boss Joe D'Mango was kidding me the other day when he asked me to voice a plug for free - "Lulubusin ko na habang pwede pang libre, habang di mo pa masyadong narerealize yung napanalunan mo." Hehehe. It is kinda hard to absorb all at once - the greatness of this achievement. But deep inside, I am very grateful.

Pictures as promised...

An ecstatic me as I accepted the "Dove" :)
Surrounded by the people who mattered most...
My family. Mom and my bro Anthony were there...
My sweetheart Vin. My besty Len. Her dear hubby Edward, whose incredible photography skills have beautifully captured each and every moment of that evening. :)

Definitely one of the most wonderful events of my life. Thank you God!

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