Saturday, November 12, 2005

Shocked and grieving...

It was in the news three days ago. Suspected carnappers killed in a shootout. Police were only trying to question them, and they fired. So the three men got killed. When I saw this, I felt relieved. Three less car criminals in the country, I thought.

Now, after seeing the video taken by UNTV, I cry in shock, horror and remorse. I have seen things like this in movies – dirty cops, shootouts and planted evidence. Tonight I saw it happen in real life. I cried when I saw the driver of the car still moving, and the police carefully approached and shot him, making sure he was really dead. The lifeless companion beside him had his hand on his chest. When the police got to him, minutes later, his hand was on his lap, holding a gun. The police say they were being shot at. But the car windows were closed.

Never in my life have I been affected by an incident such as this. I know that corruption exists, bad people in the government, powerful people protecting the criminals. But seeing it through that UNTV video – words cannot accurately describe how I’m feeling right now. How can I trust the police now? How can I trust the people who are supposed to be keeping us safe? All the respect I used to feel for them – gone. All I feel now is disgust. I am sickened by these supposedly protectors of the public.

I extremely regret siding with them when I first saw the incident in the news. I extremely regret having thought that the three men deserved what they got. What they deserve to get now is justice. And eternal peace in Heaven.

Results of the final investigation will be released on Monday. But my ears and my heart are now closed. What I have seen tonight is enough evidence. Even if these three men were what the police said they were, they do not deserve a brutal death (murder is a better term), especially if they did not provoke the authorities with bullets.

My utmost condolences to the families of these three men. And may God’s wrath fall upon the people who have caused you this great sorrow.

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