Friday, October 1, 2004

Lunch Date

Hon and I went to Megamall this morning. I had to get clothes at Mossimo for my hosting tonight. Wave is having this R&B Journey event at The Basement. Actually I swore to myself before that I wouldn't host any event that would be done there. I abhor the place! I hate the atmosphere, the crowd is too young and rowdy, it's too damn dark and noisy and everyone smokes like there's no tomorrow. The Beatbox 2 Competition was really a culture shock for me. And Rye and I said we wouldn't host anything like that anymore. Well, here I am, hosting there again tonight. I hope this time people would be tamer. No need to cuss and all. It's just gonna be a listening party anyway. Hon bought a new cap at Mossimo. We've been looking for a right-sized cap for weeks now. Good thing we found one. Actually he wants a beret. (Did I spell that right?) But that's even harder to find. So for now, the cap will do. We had lunch at French Baker. And I had chicken asparagus soup. Chicken! :( There goes my cleansing diet. Tomorrow we plan to have buffet dinner at Saisaki. Then maybe catch a flick at Rockwell. Last full show for Fahrenheit 9/11 is at 10pm. Just perfect. And that's the only thing that's good to watch right now. Wish me luck on my hosting. I hope I survive tonight. :)

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