Thursday, October 7, 2004

Home Sweet Home!

I find it amusing – everytime people talk about family, I get all emotional. Melodramatic at times. I love my folks. Even more now that I’ve grown old enough to leave our home. Sounds funny, I know. When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to leave and get my own place and not follow my dad’s rules anymore. But now, I don’t even want to think of leaving. I can’t stand being away from my parents for a long time. I miss them terribly. I miss my dad’s corny jokes and funny dance steps. And even his loud voice when he’s angry or when he just feels like yelling. I miss my mom’s cooking, and stories, and her wrong lyrics. I even miss my siblings when I’m away. I’ve grown so attached to them, and I don’t know what changed me. Maybe it’s growing up, and finally understanding why my parents are so strict. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen how very lucky I am, having a family I can joke around with, share life with, and sing videoke with. I’ve seen other families, and it made me realize that mine is so much better. We have our own imperfections and misunderstandings. Sometimes we fight like crazy. But we’re intact, tightly knit. And my parents are just wonderful! You should see them together. They do the funniest, most baduy things! Everyday, I thank God for giving me such wonderful people to call my own…my own family! They’re absolutely the BEST!

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