Monday, November 15, 2004

Missed blogging...

Back from my Galera vacation! It was one wonderful and relaxing experience! I'll post some pics soon. :) Last week, Hon and I tried out this new restaurant in Galleria. It's called Kitchen. I love the food, especially what I ordered. Pasta sauteed with spanish sardines. YUM! I forgot what Hon ordered, but it was also good. And they have really big plates, and big utensils that are placed inside these really cute wooden boxes. :) Your bill comes rolled up inside a little glass. Kaka-aliw. :) Do try their food. Really nice. :)

'Twas my Daddy's birthday yesterday! In the pic you'll see him flaunting his presents - the cap from Adie, the little armadillo from Andrea and the Mossimo shirt from me. :) Just spent the day at the mall, simply enjoying every minute spent with the family. Luv ya, Dad!

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