Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

One of the most divine experiences is having cheesecake and a cup of good peppermint tea. Mmm...heaven! I have discovered the perfect cheesecake. Hon and I had dessert at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf over at Eastwood last Saturday. I tried their ube cheesecake...and my goodness, what a delight! A creamy mild blend of ube and cream cheese, topped with flakes of toasted coconut. One of the most perfect cheesecakes I've tasted, if not the best. I cannot recall if I have tasted something better. (Although the cheesecake at the Manila Diamond Hotel was good, too.) And the cup of ginseng peppermint tea... I can only describe it with a smile, a long, satisfied sigh and the relaxing feeling of sinking into a lush couch.

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