Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Putumayo, videoke and my loving pet cat :)

Hosted the Putumayo World Music Launch at the Shangri-La Plaza. It was a new experience for me and Vin because the night was filled with reggae music, and with me being a Wave jock, we're usually exposed only to R&B and all the acoustic chuva. So we enjoyed this new gig, watched 'til the end of the show (I usually leave after I host), and had fun! Most of the people there were reggae lovers, some looked like they were on jutes...hehehe. But it was an OK event. They gave me a Putumayo calendar and t-shirt as token of thanks, and a card signed by people from Galaxy Records and some members of the guest bands. I loved the card. I don't think I've ever received something like that before, it made me smile. They don't have budget for the host, so I'm getting my talent fee from the Wave fund.

After the show, we had dinner at Pasto in El Pueblo. Then we went to Eastwood for dessert. I wanted to have ube cheesecake at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. But the place was crowded so we just settled for Seattle's Best. The blueberry cheesecake was rubbery, the Choco Mint Mocha was lame, but I enjoyed sitting beside my man, sharing smiles with him.

Stayed at home. And my siblings and I pounced on our Videoke and sang to our hearts' content. It was really fun! It's great to have your own videoke system at home, complete with the scoring and all. You can sing without having to worry about the hours and the bill. We spent about three to four hours jamming, in our pajamas, unwashed faces and unruly hair. :) Trippin' on Eraserheads, Spice Girls, Natalie Imbruglia, Jewel, Mr. Big and Sharon Cuneta. :) Super fun!

We got dressed afterwards because Dad wanted to go out. Ming-Ming, our pet cat (originally a stray cat who found shelter, love and harmony in our humble abode) was in his usual loving mood. So he purred and rubbed his fur against our legs. He's so adorable! So I took his picture, but as you can see, he wasn't very cooperative. Camera-shy cat. :)

We went to the Kia Center near our place. Dad showed me the Picanto I'm going to buy. Yes, I am buying myself a new car. A brand new Kia Picanto. It's a bit scary. But Dad said I should take it as a challenge. Dad and Mom are lending me the 85K for downpayment, and they're just gonna get it back from my dividends from our AICS Marilao branch. The monthly payment of 8k for the next 4 years will be from my own pocket. Oh my Lord! I've asked myself and Vin this question a thousand times - KAYA KO KAYA? Vin said I can do it. I just have to have rakets every month. I can't afford to have an empty month for the next four years. Wish me luck! Besides, I really need a car. I think that's better than paying 300 bucks to my taxi service everytime I have a gig. Hopefully by January I'll be driving my own car. For the meantime, I have to trek to the nearest A-1 center. :)

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