Friday, December 10, 2004

Yawn! Yawn!

Only had two hours of sleep. I hosted the Reyes Haircutters Christmas Party last night at the Party Central along Mo. Ignacia. It would've ended early, if the people came in on time. It was supposed to start at around 7:30. But you know how Filipinos are. The program started at 9. And I was there 4:30pm. But it's okay. Jess The Blade from Klite hosted with me. So while waiting for the party to start, we just sat and ate and chatted. Good thing I recommended him to Tita Bing. At least I had someone to talk to while waiting from 4:30 - 9pm.

As I was getting dressed for the event, I had this funny thought. When I was in high school, I used to be glued to Magic 89.9. Jess was still part of TM, and I used to listen to him and my other fave jocks. And now, after almost 12 years, here I am, working together with Jess. :) I dunno. Just found the thought amusing. :) Who would've thought that the young, naive girl who used to call TM to make requests and bug Gaucho would now be part of the radio broadcasting industry, a jock, now the one at the helm, playing the songs, rubbing elbows and working with people who used to be just her "idols." :) Makes you smile. Life can be surprising, and very kind to you sometimes.

After my show, Hon and I are going to LTO Pasig to get my student license. I already enrolled at A1. I'll be starting my lessons tomorrow morning. If I can finish work early today, Dad and Mom are going with me to Prince Motors to pay for the 10K reservation for the Picanto. I'm so excited about this "adventure"! :) It's going to be a new challenge for me, a pretty good reason to finally get serious about saving my money. :)

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