Monday, December 27, 2004

Busy Christmas!

I spent my Christmas working this year. I hosted the Smart Kid Sparkling Ice Show at the SM Megamall. It was a two-day event, 25 and 26.

Just when you thought people stayed either at home or in the province during Christmas, I guess that doesn't apply to everyone. Megamall was crowded! And so was the ice skating rink. Which was good for the event. A lot of kids participated, especially in the Princess For A Day contest. They really came in their best Princess costume - shiny gowns, crowns and headdresses and all.

The best part of the event was The Blue Dress ice show presentation. I was the one who wrote the script for that musical play, and I was the narrator too. And the whole production was beautiful, the very graceful skaters brought the whole thing to life. It was lovely!
And even though I missed out on the traditional Christmas family get-together, I don't regret accepting this hosting job. I had fun, and I earned a whole lot of moolah in just two days! :)

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