Monday, December 13, 2004

Kidney pains and a whole lotta love!

I was rushed to the hospital yesterday, and I spent my entire Sunday (7 hours and 35 minutes to be exact) at the National Kidney Institute with my mom and dad. I had another attack of this mysterious ailment I have. I had this pain last month, and the doctors at St. Luke’s said I might have an infection, but they couldn’t tell exactly because I took the tests just a few days after my period, and the pain subsided so they just asked me to take the tests again next time I have the “attack.” And so it came yesterday, as soon as I woke up at 7am. Mom and Dad took me to the hospital. And although I was writhing in intense pain, I couldn’t help but feel special and loved. My parents stayed with me, and my Dad had his arms around me and rubbing my back because it was so goddamn cold in the emergency room. My mom was holding my hand, and whispering prayers for me. The pain yesterday was worse than the first attack last month. Dad’s doctor, Dr. Purugganan, prescribed medicines for me because he found an infection in my urine test, and I have to get a kidney ultrasound ASAP o see if I have kidney stones. I am worried, and hoping for the best. And although my painful experience yesterday wasn’t something to be happy about, I still won’t forget the hours my parents spent with me, staying beside me, holding me close. I felt how much they loved me. And I loved the feeling! I know most 25-year-olds would rather not be mushy-mushy with their parents, and would rather spend time with friends, away from home. But for me, even if I turn twenty more years older, being with my parents will always be one of life’s most wonderful moments. Deep down, no matter how old I am, I’ll always be their “little girl.” :)

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