Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crush Blush!

Listening to some old tracks on my IPOD. When the first few beats of Waiting In Vain by Annie Lennox started to play, my mind started flipping back to photo album pages of my college years. I used to be in-love with a fellow student in UST. He was from a different department, and way out of my league, I guess. We had a few flirtatious moments, most of them behind his girlfriend's back until they broke up. We never ended up together, but my feelings for him lasted for quite a long time. Now we're friends on Facebook. Everytime I see his photos, I would smile to myself. I remember the boy, and yes, I still remember the feeling, but it doesn't have the same effect on me anymore. Past is past.

Quite a strange coincidence, too, that he named his daughter with the same name I wanted to give our kid if we'd ever ended up together someday. He doesn't know that. I find it amusing.

I had so many crushes back in college. Some of the memories are still vivid even if it's been more than a decade ago. The geeky Chinese guy who edited our video documentary about the MRT. This classmate of mine that was so cute until I realized he kinda looked like my brother, so I immediately stopped crushing on him. My professor who once wrote me a note that said, "What's the matter, peanut butter?" He knows I used to like him. I don't even remember why.

Then this guy matched me up with a friend of his. He was good-looking, smooth and genuinely sweet and thoughtful. Plus, he spoke really good English, something that wins me over real fast. I crushed on and flirted with him, became his girlfriend, and now I'm sharing his last name. Now that's what I call a fairy tale come true.


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Richard said...

I'm still in love with my ex-girlfriend even after 6 years of being married... What would've I had become without her... She's now my wife :)