Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell

Having a bad day? Stressed? Overworked? Bored? Or just simply needing to feel terrific about yourself?

Here's where you can go!

Sharing with you my little sanctuary at the Mega Atrium. This is where I run to whenever I need a feel-good fix. Admit it. Pretty nails never fail to make your day brighter, yes? I'm here almost every week, and the super friendly staff make sure I leave with fab hands and feet everytime.

bonding time with my buddy and radio partner, jada

the friendly girls of Nail Spa Lounge

The owner, Shiela, has become a friend already. This branch in Megamall is her first. The place is simple, cozy, feminine and most importantly, relaxing. There's also a branch in Robinson's Place Ermita that you can check out if you find yourself in that area.

Go ahead! Have 'em nails pretty-fied!

5th level, Mega Atrium


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