Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A decade on radio!

Wow. That makes me sound ancient.

This month marks my 10th year of being a radio jock. It was ten years ago when I first signed on as DJ Anne on Wave 891. And boy, what a terrific experience it has been! I never really thought I'd stay on this long. I've wanted to change paths many times along the way, but I guess God had better plans. So here I am, still playing music in the very first radio station that took me in.

I look back with a happy and grateful heart at the past decade. My radio career paved the way for many other opportunities. I became an events host. I was introduced to the voicing industry, which brought about a continuous stream of projects for me to voice - from radio and tv commercials, corporate AVPs, telecom hotlines and IVRS, to dubbing telenovelas. I've met so many different people, clients, friends and potential business partners. I even landed a job as a continuity voice for a cable tv channel! Radio helped me find all the right paths that led to these opportunities. I don't receive a huge paycheck as a jock, but I am rich in exposure and experiences. Plus the fact that I'm only required to work three hours a day, playing music that I love, already makes my job stress-free and A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

I remember how it all began for me. After college, I sent my resume and demo CD to two of my favorite stations back then: Magic 89.9 and RX 93.1. I got a call from RX, was interviewed, and failed to make the cut. I also got a call from Magic, and they said they wanted me on their team, but as a campus patroller. I was looking for a real job at that time, as I was already set on leaving my post in the family business. So I turned down the invitation from Magic, and resigned to the fact that maybe I wasn't meant to go on air.

After a few months, I received a call from Joe D'Mango. They were putting up a new radio station. They were looking for new jocks. He was able to listen to my demo CD, the one I sent to Magic. I sounded perfect for the job. And that was it.

Within the ten years I spent with Wave, I went on air a gazillion times, handled different time slots, got promoted to Production Manager then Creative Director then Assistant Station Manager. And the biggest highlight of my career: winning a KBP Golden Dove Award in 2005 for Best Radio Jock.

Summing it all up, I have nothing to say but THANK YOU. It has been a wonderful and fruitful decade. I was just a shy, nervous, chubby girl ten years ago, fresh from college, pursuing a dream. Who would've thought.

Cheers to a decade on radio! Here's to many more years of hearing DJ Anne on the airwaves!


To my dear listeners (the very few who aren't members of my family...LOL!), much love to y'all! Thank you and God bless you!


forg/jecoup said...

Congratulations DJ Anne! You are truly one of the best DJs on air right now, you're sensible when you talk on air, witty but not "pa cool" if you know what I mean hehe. Cheers to more years on radio :)

zarahgb said...

Are you kidding? You were the greatest from our batch! It's no wonder that you have achieved this much! I'm proud to have been part of the UST AB 2000 batch who has nurtured talents. Khit na hindi tyo classmates...Thanks for the inspiration, somehow, I'll find my place somewhere and make my mark as well. Hope I could drop by your station and meet like just any other fan of yours. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,
Just read this posting, actually my friend (your fan!) was watching the live stream here in East Bay, it's now 5:52 p.m. our time, BTW, what's your time slot, we'd love to watch and hear you. Just got the speaker for my pc kaya I'm excited to hear you. But looking back, here's your nostalgic tita again, I fondly remember, and yes I do treasure them in my memory bank, the time I used to make dalaw to your place in Mandaluyong during weekends coz I wanted to see my cute little niece.. u were about 3-4 yrs then, and I enjoyed so much listening to u singing, doing those extemporary story telling (in English!) so fluent with, about the chicken or so, changing your voices so amazingly, ok, I said to myself, this niece of mine is so talented, she'd have a bright future ahead of here, and my instinct is right! And I am all the more proud because you remain humble (ehem, family trade) attributing it all to Him. Well, this is a SHORT comment for you, my dearest niece, Luv and miss u, Tita Norms