Friday, May 18, 2007

Intensity 6 - The Wave Anniversary Celebration

Long overdue, i know. We celebrated Intensity 6 last March. Here are the pics!

Can you wear THIS in Eastwood? I DID!

wave girls
The girls of Wave 89.1 - Jada, Pam, and moi! :)

me n ida 2
With my buddy Jada. Cheers to friendship!

me marv n ida
With Jada and Marv. Marv resigned na...aww. :( This guy's so much fun. We'll miss you!

me n group
With Graphics Designer Habs and Sales Director James clowing around in the background!

me james n habs
With Habs and James. Station Manager namin yung nanggugulo sa likod. Hehehe... Hey Garz!

group pic
With Pam, Chen of Warner Music Phils. and Christian Bautista. Papa Christian looks pagod na here.

with honey
A couple of friends smiling for the cam! Yey...nakahabol ang honey ko!

group pic 2
Picture-picture before the show starts. Jada, Gia, Jerome, me!, Garry, Sam (Marv's girlfriend) and Marv. Happy happy!

Pictures courtesy of Ate Vida, who has found greener pastures somewhere else but will always be part of our lives...naks! Many thanks Vida!
me n ate vida

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