Friday, May 25, 2007

Mad about Viktor!

One of the most difficult things in life is finding the perfect pair of jeans. Only a few people in this world are lucky enough to find RTWs that really work for their bods. I was once part of the unlucky majority...but not anymore. Not after I met Viktor.


Viktor Denim Republik. This posh shop is located at The Podium. The main attraction: custom-made jeans. So maybe it's easy to find a tailor who can make jeans for you. But it's Ino's perfect sense of style and his chic and classy designs that make the big difference.


The never-ending selection of fabrics, the stitches, the styles, the colors, the cuts. Viktor is a place of endless possibilites. And absolutely great-fitting jeans. But of course! They're made especially to fit YOU!

So my search for the perfect jeans is finally over. And knowing that my jeans look great on me definitely ups my self-confidence. Boy am I super glad to be a Viktor Citizen!

Check it out!
Level 4, The Podium

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