Saturday, September 22, 2007


Because of the Strata fire last last week, we (Wave 89.1 and Jam 88.3) were forced to broadcast in Antipolo where our transmitter is located. It's a resthouse that, for me, seems to be on the very far end, topmost part of Antipolo.

antipolo house

We did our boardwork there for two days. Our booth was open air. And mother nature's beauty surrounded us... clean air, grass and trees, barking dogs, ants, moths, fireflies, you name it. Medyo hassle...but it was a fun experience.

psst... back to work! me and jun dj
Jun DJ playing while on board. My shift up next, but first, let's pose for the cam!

dj ric of jam 88.3 DJ Ric of Jam 88.3, crammed in such a small space.

view from the rooftop
View from the rooftop. O diba... province na province ang dating? :)


at omakase 3

Finally got the chance to see my besty again after so many weeks (or was it months?) Had dinner with Len & Edward at Omakase in Tomas Morato.

at omakase 2

Edward made libre because he just recently celebrated his birthday. Yey! Thanks Edward!
Then, coffee at Starbucks in ABS CBN. After that, on our way to the parking lot, we stopped to say hello to the High and Mighty Prime! Eto nga't may picture pa ko. Probinsyana! :)


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