Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bora Bora! :)

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I've never been to Boracay. Last week, I finally was able to set foot on its famous fine white sands. Yup! I went on a week-long Bora trip, and it was wonderful! Wave 89.1 had its yearly summer event there, and this year, I was chosen to host. The event was on the 9th. We flew to Bora on Wednesday. We were there by 9am. And we had all the time in the world to relax and chill and have fun while we waited for our Saturday event.
Unfortunately, my beau wasn't able to go with me because he had work. So I missed him terribly. But still, I made the most out of my time in the island. It was my first time in Bora, and there were lots to explore! We went snorkeling, banana boating, food tripping, sun bathing, posing for pics and frolicking in the clear ocean water.
Tin n me
I got a bit dizzy during snorkeling because the waters were a bit rough. But still, I enjoyed it, swimming away from the boat, hand-in-hand with my good friend Gerric. The banana boat scared the hell outta me. I held tight, and tried with all my might not to slip and fall off. I fell only once, most of my companions fell thrice. It was both thrilling and fun.
My friend May was right when she told me that everyone walked around in their bikinis. I'd look funny if I walked around in shorts and a tee. So everywhere I went - I was just in my bikini, with just a sarong around my waist. It was cool!

The Wave event (OLD SCHOOL SATURDAY HITS BORACAY) was a success! A lot of people partied with us. I switched on my party-mood hosting, and with MC Chaze backing me up, I think we did one helluva job. :)
Loved Bora! Hopefully it'll be me and the boys again next year! More pics coming up...

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