Wednesday, April 13, 2005

More Bora Pics!

More photos from my Bora adventure...
w d boys
posing with the boys in our cottage. lying beside Garry, Ajie and Habs.
hanging out
hanging out at Summer Place - with Ajie, Gerric, Habs, Garry, Jun DJ and Tin of RX.
hanging out 2
sharing tigersharks near the beach front - me, with Gerric, Ajie, Garry and Tutay of KLite.
goijng snorkeling
off to Croc Island for our snorkeling adventure!
snorkeling near Croc Island. That's me in the middle doing the peace sign. Gerric is beside me, we're both happy because we succesfully found Nemo! :)
happy people
posing after snorkeling!
mossimo bikini summit contestants...NOT! :) posing with Jun DJ and Tin of RX in front of the Regency Hotel.
me geric n tin
posing outside our cottage - me, Gerric and Tin of RX
off to jonahs
off to Jonah's for the best shake in the island! That's me with Gerric and Ajie.
at jonahs
hanging out at Jonah's with my buddies Gerric, Habs and Ajie. We met up with our AE James and his wife Hazel afterwards.

The Wave event - OLD SKUL SATURDAY HITS BORACAY! @ Summer Place

anne n chaze
hosted with MC Chaze (ex-partner)
erik mana party people street magician Erik Mana mesmerizes the crowd
hunks and babes joining our contests... gave out Wave-volution CDs, Wave caps, Mossimo caps, Nestle Yogurt gift packs and San Miguel Pale Pilsen premium items...
beer drinking

Bora was a blast! Until next year's summer event.

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