Sunday, September 14, 2008

Such photographers!

Hon and I enrolled in a 2-day photography workshop entitled "Mastering Your Point and Shoot." It was held at Gray Area Studio in Makati, and our teachers (who were so cool!) were Arvin Yason and Michelle Morelos.

michelle and arvin

Yesterday was the last day, and we proudly took out our assignment, our best photos, for our teachers' perusal.

my photos
These were my pictures. Most of them were shots I took when Hon and I went to Cebu. The most recent was the one I took of him while holding his new guitar.

I wasn't able to take a picture of Hon's photos, but I'm so proud to say that his shots were the best among the class! Second best lang yung sa akin. :)

Anne: Magtatayo kami ng studio namin. Kakalabanin namin si Arvin.
(class laughs.)
Michelle: Sige. Tapos magwo-workshop na din ako doon.
Anne: Sige, sige!


all eyes on arvin
Arvin shows us how to control the camera's focusing feature. Lahat super attentive. :)

michelle morelos friends
Our teacher, Michelle Morelos; our classmates.

I was showing Glacil how to play with colors.

astig love
Yey, my certificate!; Hon and I discovered that our teamwork makes us dynamic and unbeatable.



Arvin said...

Hey Anne, thanks for the positive feedback! We hope to see you and Alvin back in the studio for our other classes--and do drop me an email at arvinyason at gmail dot com.

And I'm not worried if you guys open a studio--in fact, let me know if you have any questions ;-)

arvin v. yason said...

Hey here are the group photos:

DJ Anne said...

thanks arvin! open ka pa ng classes. i'm excited to learn more. :)