Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy birthday sweetheart!

My beau turned 30 last Sept. 9. I took a leave from work to spend the whole day with him and his family.

That morning, I went to his house and surprised him (well, it wasn't actually a surprise because he knew we were spending the day together) with a birthday cake complete with the candles. :)


Ate Vange cooked pancit just for the occasion and she served it up with some Santi's cold cuts and the other viands that were to be Alvin's lunch handa. After taking pictures, Hon and I happily sang the birthday song together. :)

make a wish

After that, I asked him to go to my car and take out my other surprise. He was just seeing the icing on the cake. I still had another gift awaiting...


I bought him a guitar, and Honey looked like a happy little boy who got a great, big package from Santa because he was good all year. :)


Hon was looking at guitars when we were in Cebu, saying he wanted to get himself one. He didn't buy there, though, because they were so expensive. So when we got back to Manila, I already knew what I was going to give him on his birthday.

After unwrapping his gift, we sat down together in the living room and sang More Than Words.



Happy birthday sweetheart! Love always.

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Anonymous said...

you might have gone to the wrong guitar should have gone to (as they call it) downtown...nandun lahat! :)