Thursday, September 25, 2008

You don't know me.

It saddens me how some people misjudge me. Snotty. Proud. Cold-hearted bitch. The strength of my character and personality have caused others to think that I am such. Which makes me thankful to have friends who know who I really am, inside and out.

Sorry for being so dramatic today. I was pained a little by a remark made by someone who's very close to me (who apparently does not know me well enough): Napaka suwerte mo... You don't deserve something so good and true. Wow. Thank you so much for your faith in me and your vote of confidence.

There are many things that I have kept silent about. And I choose to keep mum still. I just want to speak a little to defend myself. I have gone through hell, slapped in the face many times, rejected repeatedly, been treated like shit over and over. And yet I am still here. Choosing to understand.

If you do not know me, if you don't have your facts straight, if you don't know my story, if you haven't the slightest idea how I've suffered yet chose to forgive, do not judge me. You have absolutely no right to judge me.

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