Monday, January 31, 2005

Lazy weekend...

The weekend was pretty restful. Rested the whole day Friday. Went out Saturday. Went to Wave to work on this Nike project with Rye. The whole theme is hiphop so I needed his help. Sunday was couch potato day. I stayed on the sofa, muching on Nova chips and Eden cheese chunks while watching RAISING HELEN (which was so-so, but I adore Kate Hudson because she is just sooo beautiful!) and this 2003 flick called CONFIDENCE. Starring Edward Burns, Rachel Weisz, Dustin Hoffman and Andy Garcia. A MUST-SEE! So much smarter and more exciting than Ocean's Eleven and Twelve. If you enjoy theft flicks, guys stealing money and getting away with it, you guys should see this!

Meeting up with my beau, then with my besty this afternoon. Perfect way to start the week!

Oh by the way, finally I've been able to catch my besty's show on ABS CBN. Showbiz #1. Finally I got to see her do her thing, and boy am I proud of my one-and-only bestfriend. Luv ya bespren! :)

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