Monday, January 24, 2005

The D&G Duo!

Last Friday, Jada (Mareng Ida) switched shifts with me, so I did the 6-9pm slot. And guess what? My ex-partner Rye boarded with me. He does the 10pm Friday show, The Main Source. He went to the station early that day, around 730, and so we boarded together, and it felt just like old times. It felt great actually, sharing the show with him again. It made me realize just how much I missed Rye, and just how well we blend together, on and off the air. I remember when we started doing the D&G together, we didn't have any "adjustment periods" at all. We got along really well from the very start. Our tandem was perfect, and it was too bad when he quit because of the sched and matters concerning his other job. Rye said I should just move to a later boardwork schedule so he could join me again. Of course, that isn't my call. And I'm not really sure if I'm willing to give up doing sign-on. I just hope Sir Joe would realize what a great duo we make - me and Rye. So they'd finally stop giving me these new guys to board with. It's getting really tiring for me - adjusting to new partners every time. Oh well...

Anyway, I enjoyed Friday very much. Boarding with Rye again, and even doing our "goodbye rap" due to the listeners' demands. :) It was fun, it felt great, and it felt RIGHT! Plus, Friday was extra special, too, because I spent the whole afternoon with true friends of mine - Ida and Tita Mags. We binged on pretzels and nuts, walked around Galleria to look for maternity clothes for Tita Mags, and we grabbed some tops at Mossimo. Super fun! And I'm happy because I made Ida feel better. She's been having a few hang-ups lately. Luv ya mare! :)

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