Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Welcome 2005!

The holidays are over, and it's back to work for me! Not that I really had a vacation. But it's back to work for the office people, and the whole place is buzzing with activity once again. Somehow I miss the silence when nobody but the jocks on board were around. :) Everyone's here again. We have an on-air staff meeting tomorrow (geez...not again!) and my boss has started the year by going to work at 7am. I wanted to leave early today because it's our monthsary today, me and Vin. But I couldn't slip out of the office early. Dyahe. :) Anyway, the New Year celebration went by pretty OK. I was able to join the traditional family get-together this time. We hogged the videoke, and took lots of pics! (I have yet to post the files on my dad's camera.)

Hon bought himself an RC. His Holiday present for himself. My gift for me? My car. I'm still waiting for it. :) On Sunday, I checked my weight and I gained a pound. 105. Bummer! But the resolution I'm trying to keep for the New Year is to have less complaints. So I'll just be thankful my snug clothes still look good on me. The holidays are over, and so is the eating spree. The extra pound will be gone in no time. :) Speaking of eating spree... you might want to check out Macau Restaurant in Eastwood, Libis. Their buffet breakfast and lunch are amazingly CHEAP! 130+ for breakfast, 199 for lunch. Cool, huh? Hon and I just found a new favorite binge stop. :)

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