Monday, January 24, 2005

Flight of the Phoenix

I want to die now. And be reborn.
I want to be liberated from the ties that bind my happiness to certain people, or circumstances.
I do not want happiness to depend on someone, or something.
I want to be thankful.
I want to run as fast as I can, without knowing where to go. I just want to run.
I want to ride a bus to places I've never been, with just a book and one small bag sitting on the empty seat beside me.

Some people can watch a movie alone, cry at the sad parts, laugh at the funny ones, and have the popcorn all to themselves.
I want to try that.

I want to go to Europe, and feel the cobblestones under thin slippers. Wear a sundress and a hat and sunglasses, and walk the streets filled with strange foreign people.
I want to smile at a stranger.

Ride a boat. Get on a yacht. In a bikini, with my hair flowing.

I want to drive up a mountain and sing with the windows open.
I want my car to be pastel pink, with flowers painted on the doors, so nobody else would want to drive it.

I want to fly.
I want to have supernatural powers that make me different from everyone.

I want to follow my heart, and forget all reason.

I want to be reborn. Like a phoenix.

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