Wednesday, January 5, 2005

The year that was...

2004 has been a busy year for my career. I think it was during 2004 that I've had the most hostings, recordings, VO jobs and other rakets. I've grown and learned a lot in the past year. And though sometimes I stumbled and made a few boo-boos, I've triumphantly stood up after each fall, and walked on forward, chin up. Here are some of the Wave events that made up 2004, all these I hosted in...

LIVE & EASY BAR TOURS - we hit Chili's Morato and Greenhills with a bang this year, as they celebrated their anniversaries with us. I hosted the one in Greenhills. Mareng Ida (Jada) hosted the gig in TMorato. And I went there, too, just for kicks. Cheers to friendship!

STRANGE ENCOUNTERS (The Wave Halloween Event) - we worked really hard to put this event in motion. We (me, Robi, Ida, Kel, Garry and Gerric) concocted this concept, and we spearheaded the entire thingamajig. The event went well. A lot of people went in their scariest costumes, and the night ended with a display of Erik Mana's spectacular magic!

SENSES SPIN @ MOOMBA - concert and magic show in one. We had Thor and Wings Soriano, and the magic of Erik Mana. Most of the people came there for the latter. :)

STICK ONS GALORE! - hosted quite a number of stick-ons this year. We had the Okotberfest stick-on at Robinson's Galleria, where Robi and Duncan of Southborder dropped by. We also had a stick-on at SM North. And who can ever forget our stick-on at Greenhills, where we gave out tickets to the Alicia Keys concert that was happening on that very night! :)

WAVE ON CAMPUS - My very first hosting gig with Rye was at UST. Forgot the name of their event. Anyway, we had Nyoy Volante and Mannos that night, and a couple of Thomasian bands. Thomasians rule! :) Then Rye and I hosted the campus tour at St. Scho. That was a super fun event! Keith Martin was the main attraction, Thor was there, Luke Mejares, Nyoy and Jimmy Bondoc.

RNB GIGS AT THE BASEMENT - the first time I hosted in Basement, Libis, I experienced culture shock. No kidding! That was during the Beatbox Competition. I forgot to get some pics. Anyway, after a while, you get used to it. The crowd is always game. It's just really hard getting in and out of the place, and the smoke - goodness! Garry (DJ Tayshaun) did most of the mixing during these events, together with MC Chaze. And I must say, it's easy money. Just do a little talking, thank the sponsors, throw out some prizes and after that, you walk out with 3K! :)

THE NOTEBOOK PREMIERE - one of my fave movies of 2004. I hosted the premiere, but I didn't watch that night, because I still had boardwork early the next day.

THE WAVE ANNIVERSARY CONCERT - Wave turned 3! Yahoo! We had a super fun anniversary concert. The crowd was great! And a fire started the event...hehehe...the Timezone sign bursted into flames. We had lots of stars that night - Jimmy, Nyoy, Aliya Parcs, Pido, Kyla, Nina, Sun Valley Crew, etc.

WHITE CHRISTMAS - I was duped! Hehehe...I thought we were going to have real snow that night. Instead, we had foam! But that's okay. We still had a great time. Jimmy and Nyoy performed, Rebekah, Kitchie Nadal and Silk. Mareng Ida and I got 2k each, for hosting 'til the end of the show. A for effort, and cheers again to friendship!

YEAR END RNB PARTY - at the Basement again! The most crowded RNB gig I've hosted. Had fun. The crowd was super game. Everybody wanted to have the CDs I gave out, premiere tickets, even the Sun Cellular umbrellas! It was really fun! A really good way to end the year 2004.

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