Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I scratched the chin of Hon's car last night when I was on my way home. I passed Libis, going to the Marikina shortcut, and there's this part of the road under the new flyover that's super bumpy and uneven. There was this huge bump, and I thought it wouldn't reach the chin because I've passed through the same route unscathed before. But last night, it did. The left side of the chin got scratched. And I feel really bad because the chin's new. Hon was so proud of it after he got it from A-Toy last week. And I just put a bad white scratch on its lower part. Stupid me. :( I called up my beau as soon as I got home, and he was so nice and understanding and comforting that it made me cry all the more. I know he's upset about it, but he's still so nice to me. Ganun daw talaga kapag nagsasanay pa lang magdrive. :( I just feel so bad. I wish I could get my own car soon... :(

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